Console table buying guide

Console tables are often used as a decorative piece of furniture with a functional use. These types of tables are often found in the hallway or at the side wall of a room and can be used to store keys, letters and useful everyday items. They are also sometimes decorated with a lamp or some form of lighting structure to help brighten up dark corners of the house.

Console tables are often accompanied by a mirror just above them mounted to the wall, this complements the practicality of the table as it allows you to check your appearance one last time before leaving the house. A console table is a similar structure to that of a normal table, characterised by its flat solid top and 2 or 4 evenly spaced legs.

If your console table has just 2 legs then you may need to secure it to the wall in order to guarantee the stability of the product. However, a key aspect to this design of table is that they are almost always narrow, long tables. This is to enable them to fit nicely and discreetly in any room, be it the dining room or just the hallway.

Whether you plan to use your console table as a functional product to keep your necessities on or an accent piece of stylish furniture, you're sure to find the perfect choice for your home at Dunelm Mill.

  • Console tables were traditionally made out of wood and designed to emit a truly luxurious look and feel to your home. Often teamed with other wooden furniture such as the dining tables and chairs, this style of wooden console table can really complement the overall style of your room. This design of wooden console tables features all of the delicate detail of a carefully crafted piece of furniture with the durability and strength you get from the wooden material. This collection of wooden console tables provides not only style but also practicality with the built in drawers which can be used for storage. This furniture item is often used in place of a sideboard in a dining room if space is a little tight or can be used to display your favourite home accessories.
  • Our stunning range of natural grain console tables allows you to add a true touch of class to your home. Full of style and character this console table will be a real feature piece to your home. This product is both practical and stylish with some carefully crafted drawers placed under the top level of the table top for extra storage. The slim and sleek design of this console table means that it will fit neatly into any room of the home and not look too overpowering or out of place. The beautiful grain in this stunning wood coupled with the brass designed handles gives this console table a true feel of decadence and style, the perfect addition to any home.
  • Here at Dunelm Mill we have a wide collection of table sets created from wooden material. The use of top quality wood used to make these tables means that they are a very sturdy and hardwearing furniture item. They are designed to steadily hold many household items from a prized vase, to a pile of books or a lovely bottle of wine. When purchasing these tables you can be assured that they will stand the test of time making them a true investment for your home.
  • console tables are very popular items of console room furniture found in homes around the UK. Characterised as a long and low style of table that can often be located just in front of the sofa in the lounge. This type of table is traditionally used to store small everyday items such as magazines and newspapers or as an area to place your drink whist watching television. When friends pop round for a quick cup of console, the console room is often a good room to have a relaxing catch up; this is where a console table can really become an important addition to your home. These tables are the ideal addition to a console room as they provide the perfect space to place your console cup whilst in deep conversation.
  • Bookcases are another very practical product that can be found in the console room. This product is traditionally used to store books and magazines and seems to have evolved from the popular book shelf design. The bookcase is one entire unit that is separated by shelves allowing individual slots for rows of books. As the name states, these products were originally designed to store books, however, nowadays they are also popularly used as a decorative piece of furniture that displays photos or scented candles. Bookcases are available in numerous sizes and styles depending on the functionality required from the product. A conventional bookcase will often be accompanied by glass doors that will allow the books to be displayed whilst being protected by these doors. A more contemporary bookcase is often offered without any kind of doors and each shelf can either be rectangular or a more quirky square shape.
  • The Damask fabric process is commonly used to create single coloured silk weave which feature specific patterns or designs. The damask fabric is unique. A key element to this fabric is that it creates a light reflected weave that changes colour and brightness depending on how the light hits the product. This type of textile weave is also common in household items such as tablecloths due to the unique and high quality characteristics of the material. This type of textile is very popular today and is another example of a woven fabric that has stood the test of time. Damask cloth was first introduced to France in the mid 14th century and has been used to make bed linen sets throughout Europe ever since.
  • Flannel is often made from cotton, synthetic fibre or wool and is characterised by its soft woven fabric. There are 3 main types of flannel available on the market, the main one being flannelette which is traditionall-consoley composed of cotton weaves. Other types of flannel fabric include cotton flannel and diaper flannel. all-console 3 types of flannel fabric are weaved in either a twill or plain format and are available in an array of colours and patterns. Our beautiful range of flannelette bed linen is made from 100% cotton with a slightly plumper and fluffier appearance than other fabrics. This cosy fabric is very practical as it acts as a form of insulation keeping you warmer on cooler nights.
  • The name of this material is based on the fabric's place of origin, Jersey in the Channel Islands. Jersey material is a woven fabric that was traditionall-consoley made from wool. Currently, it is more common to get fabrics that are made from a mixture of textiles such as cotton, synthetic fibres and wool. This fabric is an ideal choice for nursery bedding as it is extremely supple, soft and absorbent cotton. Also, the loose knit fabric style of the material will ensure that your child stays at the perfect temperature whilst also looking very stylish in the nursery.
  • Bedspreads are similar to duvets in many ways. The basic connection being the principal function of a bedspread is to add an extra layer of warmth to your bed. The bedspread also shares key characteristics with blankets or throws as they not only provide warmth but they also act as a fashion accessory bring a splash of colour and texture to your room.
  • Nursery Bedding
    Fitted cot sheets have elastic corners to fit snugly over your cot mattress. They are quick and easy to fit and won't become ruffled easily. Here at Dunelm Mill our beautiful nursery bedding range is available in comfortable jersey or cosy flannelette.

    Children's bedding
    Here at Dunelm Mill we pride ourselves on the quality and ease of use of our Children's bedding collection. We understand that when it comes to children's bed linen durability is a key aspect and that is why our products are machine washable. Our range of children's bedding is available in a range of vibrant colours and fun designs. We have tailor-made our children's bedding designs to complement our extensive range of curtains, rugs and accessories, making their room a special place of their own.

    With the rise in the popularity of home design comes the craving to turn your home into the perfect cosy palace. But what if your budget doesn't stretch as far as you thought or your home isn't quite the castle you had in mind? Then a console table could be the perfect option for you. This style and design of furniture is often thought to be the perfect alternative to a sideboard. Smaller in size these tables are often more suited to a smaller dining room but functions much the same as a sideboard and are often considered to be a more economical option. If your budget doesn't quite stretch to a whole new dining room d├ęcor then the addition of a stylish and ornate console table can really help to update your room whilst simultaneously bringing together the design of your home.
    All of our console tables are built to last the test of time. Made from the highest quality materials, these console tables are the ultimate in durability, however from time to time they may need to be cleaned to keep them looking their best. Individual product specific cleaning instructions will be supplied with your console table.
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