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Conservatory Blinds

Having the right types of blinds to suit your rooms and home are essential including finding the right blinds for your conservatory.

The benefits of choosing blinds in your conservatory help you to control the temperature of your room, the amount of sunlight and more importantly your privacy. At Dunelm, we have a range of stylish and practical blinds to suit the style of any room in your home.

More information about Conservatory Blinds

One of biggest questions that are asked when purchasing conservatory blinds is what type of blind would be best for you. We have a selection of blinds in various types and colours and if you don’t find any that suit your needs, we have a made to measure service which will ensure you find the perfect blinds for your conservatory.

Roman blinds are a great way to aesthetically improve your conservatory and the glare you may get from the sun. With a fold up/pleated design, our Roman blinds will ensure your conservatory looks as elegant as the rest of your home. Conservatories are notorious for becoming cold and draughty in winter months, this is where roman blinds helps. The thick layers of material will not only protect against the cold and chilly air, but also add warmth and style to your room.

Installing vertical blinds in your conservatory can ensure that you keep control of the lighting within your room. As vertical blinds are versatile, this makes it an exceptionally popular choice for this particular room in your house. Vertical blinds can have the option to be wide open, thus allowing the full length and width of the window to be seen. They can also be fully closed, meaning that all sunlight and draughts are blocked from entering the conservatory. The unique aspect of vertical blinds however, is its ability to tilt open or closed, allowing varying amounts of light into the room when needed.

Roller blinds seamlessly fit into or over your window frames; they can be neatly pulled up during the day to let as much light flood into your room as desired. When closed, a roller blind will create the perfect cosy haven in your conservatory, banishing cold draughts and excess light which will produce the perfect atmosphere for your room whatever the weather.

Whatever style of blind you are looking for, we are proud to have a beautiful range of conservatory blinds that will not only suit your style but your home too.

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