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Coasters are ideal for any kitchen or dining room table, they are the perfect way to combat unwanted marks and stains created by spills or excess dripping.

Whether you’re inviting guests over for a spot of lunch, or sitting down the family for dinner, coasters play a great role as a simple barrier to keep away unwelcome dirt and tarnishing marks.

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Great for adding a splash of colour and style to a large dining room or small side table our extensive selection on classic and contemporary coasters offer a decorative touch to any household counter. Our coasters come in a range of eye-catching colours and patterned designs making it easy for you to find a beautiful coaster set to complement your home.

All of our beautifully designed coasters are fabulously easy to keep looking their best and maintain their cleanliness, even after multiple uses by the family! If you’re sick of stains or want to prevent your furniture from becoming victim to scratches, scrapes and scorch damage from hot plates our coasters are the perfect solution and will be sure to protect your surfaces from water marks and harm.

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