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Curtain lining is perhaps not the first aspect to be considered in the purchasing process. However, the lining that you choose can make all the difference to the finished look and feel of your drapes. There are many different types of curtain lining available on the market today from unlined, lined, thermal and of course blackout. This guide will take you through the many qualities and benefits of opting for a blackout curtain lining.

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  3. Purpose of blackout curtain lining
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Blackout curtain lining specifications

Blackout curtain lining has many unique characteristics, one of the main ones being its ability to block out any unwanted sunrays from entering into your home. However, this type of lining is also praised for its ability to regulate the temperature of a room whilst also helping the curtains to hang neatly at your windows due to the additional weight.

Benefits of blackout curtain lining

Ability to block out light
Blackout curtain lining is often selected to be used on drapes that are predominantly found in bedrooms. The thick layer of material is secured to the back of the curtain and acts as a barrier to any external light sources. The added thickness of this material means that it will block out a much higher proportion of light than any other lining type, consequently making this type of curtain lining the ideal option for dousing bedrooms into darkness. Blackout lining is often a popular choice for children’s bedrooms as it is important to create a dark and calming atmosphere for them to sleep soundly, something which is often a challenge if light is streaming in through the windows.

Temperature regulating
Blackout lining is also praised for its temperature regulating qualities. The thickness of the material and the specially designed coating on the lining helps to keep rooms warm during the winter and cooler during the warm summer months. This type of curtain lining really comes into its own on a cold winter’s night when a few chilly draughts might be attempting to seep in through a lose window pane. The thick layer of fabric attached to the curtains will protect your room from these cold chills and hopefully result in lower heating bills.

Extra weight to the curtains
The addition of blackout curtain lining can also have the added benefit of helping your curtains to hang neatly at your window. Unlined curtains often struggle to rest in one position due to the lightweight composition of the window dressing. This is especially a problem if there are cold draughts entering through the window panes as the curtain can be easily blown to the side allowing the cold air to enter the room. The thick layer of blackout curtain fabric will mean that the drapes remain in one position and will hopefully rest neatly against the window sill, blocking any unwanted light or cold draughts from entering the room.

Purpose of blackout curtain lining

Blackout curtain lining is available to buy either as an additional layer of fabric that is neatly attached to the curtain when required or as a readymade built-in aspect of the curtain. The benefits of purchasing the lining as a separate entity to the rest of the curtain is that the fabric can be added to the curtain when required such as during those cold winter months when you may crave an extra layer of warmth at your windows and then removed when you no longer require the additional layer.

Blackout curtain lining care instructions

Blackout curtain lining is available in numerous different forms, sizes and shapes. Consequently all of our blackout curtain lining products are accompanied by a product specific cleaning guide.