Black Bedroom Furniture Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Black bedroom furniture is evidently characterised by its intensely dark colour and sophisticated style. This style of furniture has evolved from our fantastic Venetian furniture range and is often used in a bedroom as a bold and luxurious statement. This style of furniture oozes class and style as its polished black surfaces offer a delicate and interesting alternative to wood or metal.

  1. Why Choose Black Bedroom Furniture?
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Why Choose Black Bedroom Furniture?

The term bedroom furniture encompasses all manner of different items, from bedsteads to a chest of drawers, wardrobes to bedside tables. All of these furniture items are classed as popular bedroom furniture pieces and so are consequently found throughout most homes in the UK. There are so many different styles of bedroom furniture available on the market today which is why choosing the correct design is of paramount importance to ensure that the style of your room truly reflects your taste and personality. The addition of black bedroom furniture to a room will really help to create a sense of style and luxury. These sleek black bedroom furniture items will instantly transform your room by adding a touch of glamour and sophistication.

These items are true accent pieces to any bedroom and will look perfect either as a sole standing item of furniture or as a complementary product to other black furniture in the room. Here at Dunelm Mill we are exceptionally proud of our black bedroom furniture collection and believe that they are suitable for all sizes and styles of bedroom. If space is limited then perhaps a black bedside table or chest of drawers may be the perfect option, however if your room has a touch more space then the addition of a black glass based dressing table will help create the perfect look of luxury. The black dressing table that we offer will not only create a stylish area to perch whilst getting ready but will also create some handy extra storage areas. Our most popular black dressing table has 7 different drawers in a range of sizes making them the perfect place to store any beauty essentials or even a few extra clothes.

Black bedroom furniture is also an exceptionally easy to care for product. The material used to compose these furniture items are a type of glass, consequently, the products can often be revitalised with a simple buff and polish. The different black furniture items are also ideally suited to bedrooms as they provide some extra surface space to place items such as photo frames or small memento boxes.

Since this range of black bedroom furniture is rather delicate and slightly more expensive than classic pieces of bedroom furniture, it is not recommended to have these products in a child’s bedroom or positioned in a room where they could easily get hit, such as behind an opening door or in a hallway. This product is sturdy and will last the test of time however, due to the fact that the furniture items are predominantly made of glass it is necessary to take due care when moving the furniture around as well as on a day to day basis.

Types of Black Bedroom Furniture

There are many different black bedroom furniture types; however the key ones include; black dressing tables, black bedside units, black chest of drawers as well as black wardrobes. All of these products are common furniture items found in bedrooms and are all exceptionally practical items. However, by having these items in a shiny black glass based material, the style of these products suddenly comes into its own and will act as a design focal point instead of a purely functional product.

Black Bedroom Furniture Care Instructions

As the key composition material for black bedroom furniture is glass, great care is needed to ensure that this product is kept looking it’s best. If the product begins to look rather murky and with a few smudges then perhaps a light dust and polish will suffice. However, since each product’s cleaning requirements may vary we have supplied a set of product specific cleaning and care instructions with each item of black bedroom furniture in our collection.