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Bedding is one of the most commonly used homewares products in the UK. The need for duvets, bed linen, pillows and mattress protectors is seen throughout the majority of homes in Britain. The term bedding can encompass all manner of products and generally can be classed as items that will help to make your bed time that little bit more comfortable. This guide talks you through the most popular types of bedding.

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Types of Bedding

A duvet is perhaps the most vital item in the bedding selection. Quilts are one of the most comforting items on the bed, the thick and luxurious qualities of the product can help to make you feel cosy and warm whilst sleeping soundly. Duvets come in all manner of shapes, sizes and materials whilst also having varying tog levels making thinner quilts the perfect option for a warm summers evening whilst a thicker more plump duvet is the ideal option for a cold winter’s night.

Pillows are also a bedding item that is not to be underestimated. The price and size of the pillow may seem relatively unassuming when compared to the other bedding or bedroom furniture items; however the comfort that they bring to a bed is impressive. Pillows have the ability to hold and position the head in a slightly raised but cushioned position, perfect for drifting off into a world of slumber. There are many different varieties of pillows to choose between, from feather pillows to polyester and even memory foam.

Bed Sets
Once you have selected your duvet and pillow combination and the comfort levels and thickness is perfect, your next priority will undoubtedly be the design and colour of your duvet cover set. People often choose a stylish or vibrant design for their bed linen covers as a way of adding a splash of colour to a room. However, there is also a wide range of subtle and neutral bed sets which will add a stylish touch to all decors. Bed sets will usually contain matching duvet covers and pillowcases, making it easy to ensure that your bed looks it’s best.

Bed Sheets
Bed sheets are also an important consideration when looking to purchase new bedding. The size of the sheet will be an initial decision making aspect, followed by the fit and colour. People often tend to buy contrasting bed sheet colours to their duvet cover set in order to create an interesting distinction between the two.

Benefits of Bedding

There are so many benefits to investing in some quality bedding items. As already mentioned, bedding is one of the principal items required for a comfortable night’s sleep. However, in order to create a cosy haven in your bed it is important to invest in a combination of bedding products, such as a duvet, pillows, bed sheets and mattress toppers. All of which will complement each other in order to create a warm and comfortable sleep.

Bedding Care Instructions

There are many different bedding items available here at Dunelm Mill and consequently there is no single way in which to care for these items. Consequently, we supply all of our bedding ranges with individual product specific cleaning and care instructions to ensure that your bedding items stay looking their best for longer.