Bed sheets buying guide

Bed sheets are one of the most practical products you can buy for your bedroom, a simple necessity. However, if you delve a little deeper into the bedding market you will see that purchasing a bed sheet is far from a straightforward task. There are many aspects to consider with your sheet purchase such as colour, pattern, material, size, fit and quality to name just a few.

The type of sheet that you purchase can make all the difference to the finished look of your bed. The two key characteristics that you need to choose between in this section are fitted sheets or flat sheets. The two styles are very different so it’s worth taking the time to consider which design will suit your needs best.

  • The main characteristics of a fitted sheet are the four elasticated corners that grip on to the four edges of your mattress. These elasticated corners help to ensure that the bed sheet is held firmly in place. A fitted sheet is often preferred to a flat sheet due to its ease of use and tendency to stay in perfect position whilst the bed is in use. Although fitted sheets have become increasingly popular it is important that you ensure the size of your bed sheet matches exactly that of your mattress, if the sheet is even slightly too big it could lead to sagging of the sheet or to the elasticity of the corners not being put to good use.
  • Traditionally flat sheets were the most popular and fashionable type of sheets. Flat bed sheets are, in basic terms, a rectangular sheet of cloth without any elasticity in the corners. The traditional way of securing a flat sheet onto a mattress is by using something called ‘hospital corners’. This method involves specific folding and tucking techniques which will ensure that the sheet stays securely in position whilst the bed is in use. It is important to secure the flat sheet on to the bed in this way to avoid the sheet becoming un-tucked and thereby very uncomfortable during sleep.

Bed sheets have been used throughout homes in the UK for hundreds of years. Originallbedsheetsy allbedsheets bed sheets were only available in white; however, nowadays this has changed substantially. With an array of colours and patterns Dunelm Mill has the perfect bed sheet to complement allbedsheets decors. The majority of our range of sheets is block colours, this helps to maintain a sleek and simple design for your bed. However, if you desire a hint of detail then we also offer a range of bed sheets with a subtle pattern such as our chequered bed sheet which will help to add a touch of interest to your bedding set.

Plain Dye Bed Sheets
One of our most popular bed sheet collections is the plain dye range. This collection is characterised by the pastel shades of colours used on the bed sheets. A multitude of calm and pale colours are available to complement your bedding set. Another huge benefit to this style of bed sheet is it’s easy care properties. The bed sheet can be washed in a washing machine and often requires little or no ironing. The quality of this style of bed sheet is also evident from the overallbedsheets look and feel of the product. Soft and thick this bed sheet exudes luxury and quality helping you to get the perfect night’s sleep.

Here at Dunelm Mill we strongly believe in offering our customers the very best quality products. That is why we have a range of branded bed sheets available; Dorma, Waters & Noble and of course our very own array of Dunelm Mill bed sheets.

Our Dorma range is highly recommended by our customers for the quality and value for money. The range is composed of fitted sheets and flat sheets as well as a selection of pastel coloured sheets. Dorma is a well established British brand famous for the quality of the products and luxurious appearance. If you crave a lavish and superior look to your room then choosing a Dorma bed sheet will help you achieve this look. Complementary Dorma bedding products are also available to ensure that lavish look is reminiscent through your bedding collection.

Water & Noble
The Water & Noble collection of bed sheets is the smallest of the three branded ranges and is composed purely of fitted and flat bed sheets. However, this minimalistic collection is composed of a wide variety of neutral colours that will create a soft and relaxing feel to your bedding collection. The Water & Noble bed sheets are also available in a range of sizes; single, double, king size and super king size.

Dunelm Mill
Our Dunelm Mill bed sheet range is the largest of our three branded collections. Offering an array of colours to suit the style and design of your bedroom you’re sure to find the perfect match. The Dunelm Mill bed sheet collection is also composed of fitted sheets and flat sheets as well as a small selection of chequered and subtly patterned options. The Dunelm Mill range offers the largest selection of available sizes; single, small double, double, king size and super king size.

The most common material used in the composition of bed sheets is cotton. The hardwearing and easy clean properties of this material make it an ideal choice for bed linen. Here at Dunelm Mill we also have a range of bed sheets available in different materials such as polycotton, Egyptian cotton sateen and polyester. Bed linen of these materials greatly complement the purpose of a bed sheet the reason for this is due to the nature of the product, they will need to be washed on a regular occasion to ensure cleanliness.

Wash your bedding in the washing machine on a weekly basis in line with the manufacturer’s washing, drying and
ironing guidelines

Avoid washing your bed linen with any strong colours that could bleed onto your product

Avoid placing your bed linen directly in front of an open heat source for extended periods of time

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