Bay Window Curtain Pole

Bay windows are a truly magnificent window type.

They give the overall look of the building a hint of traditional glamour and style whilst also adding a touch of variety to the shape and layout of the house. Bay windows are also a wonderful way to optimise the amount of natural light that is streamed into your room.

However, it can be very easy to overlook the difficulties associated with this style of window as it is often the unique and unusual aspects of this style of window frame that can lead to a few issues with dressing the pane.

Often the most popular and practical window dressing option for bays is curtains. With this in mind it is vital that you select the correct type and style of curtain pole for this specifically designed window frame. Here at Dunelm Mill we offer a variety of bay window curtain poles that can be manually slotted together to fit perfectly into your window frame. These uniquely designed bay curtain poles will help to add a stylish contemporary look to your window and are available in two metallic finishes. There is also the option to purchase matching metallic curtain rings which will allow your curtains to hang beautifully at your window.