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Bathroom Blinds Buying Guide

Blinds are often considered to be an important part of a bathroom's design. A key reason for this is that privacy is a vital aspect of every bathroom. Whether your window is small and frosted or large and light, a blind is always a welcome addition to your bathroom window. Available in a range of styles and designs you're sure to find the perfect match for your bathroom.

What is a bathroom blind?

There are many different types of blinds that are suitable for a bathroom environment. Some of the most popular designs include venetian blinds, roller blinds and vertical blinds. Due to the heat and moisture that often occurs in bathrooms there are certain blind types that aren't recommended for a bathroom. The most obvious inappropriate blind selection would be that of a roman blind. The long cascading fabric would not be well suited to the humidity that is present in a bathroom.

Types of bathroom blinds

Roller blinds
Roller blinds are a great choice of window dressing for a bathroom. Available in a wide range of colours and designs they can really help to brighten up a tired looking bathroom. Whether you desire your blind to act as an accent piece in your room, or merely to blend in with your existing decor, you're sure to find your ideal choice amongst our extensive range of roller blinds. Roller blinds are also a great choice for bathrooms as they can endure humid conditions relatively well as the material used in this style of blind is normally a simple piece of fabric and often moisture resistant. Roller blinds can also be neatly scrolled to the top of your window frame when not in use and fit snugly around the cassette. This will allow the bathroom to benefit from a flood of beautiful sunlight during the daytime.

Venetian blinds
Whether you prefer a metal or wooden look to your window dressing, a venetian blind will be the ideal design for you. The neatly placed horizontal slats help to create a look of perfect privacy in your bathroom, whilst the light control function located to the side of your window frame will also allow you to adjust the amount of natural light that can flow into your bathroom. The look and style that a wooden venetian blind creates is one of pure class and lavish design.

Vertical blinds
Vertical blinds aren't often a first consideration when looking to buy bathroom blinds. However, this style of blind will fit neatly into most bathroom window frames and can either be neatly drawn to one side, allowing full access to the window, or drawn entirely shut blocking out any unwanted light or strange looks from the neighbours! Vertical blinds are available either as a readymade or made to measure product and are offered in a wide range of colours and designs.

Bathroom blind care

Our beautiful range of bathroom blinds are made to last the test of time. This blind collection should require very little cleaning and care however, each of our individual blind types are accompanied by product specific cleaning instructions.