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The colour grey has recently become an exceptionally fashionable shade. Whether you opt for a dark grey or light silvery shade, you’re sure to be pleased with the new contemporary look that this colour curtain will create at your window. Grey curtains are a relatively neutral colour and so will complement most decors whether they are vibrant and busy or calm and subtle. The versatility of this type of curtain means that it will also perfectly complement a more traditionally styled home, a darker grey curtain is often more suited to a classically designed room.

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Types of Grey Curtains

Grey Eyelet Curtains
One of the most contemporary styled window dressings is that of the eyelet curtain. The hoop like cirlces which are placed at the top of the drape allows the curtain to be neatly hung on the pole. The ease of movement is clearly noted as the hoops skim seamlessly across a metal or wooden curtain pole, making them simple and quick to open and close. Grey eyelet curtains have become increasingly popular in recent years, the fashionable colour combined with the contemporary style of curtain make them the ideal addition to any modern home.

Grey Pinch Pleat Curtains
Grey pinch pleat curtains, otherwise known as pencil pleat, are the ideal mixture between contemporary colour and traditional style. These types of curtains will allow you to add a splash of modern design to an otherwise traditional décor without the window dressing looking odd or out of place. Pinch pleat curtains are characterised by the material at the top of the curtain that is hunched together to form a type of pleat. The backing of this material is then attached to the curtain track via a system of hooks. This curtain has a very specific look and will help to create a classic and stylish feel to your room.

Grey Lined Curtains
Once you have decided upon the ideal shade of grey for your room and selected the style of curtain, then the lining type needs to be chosen. There are many different options of curtain lining available depending on the purpose of your curtain and the room for which it is destined to be hung. Unlined grey curtains will act principally as a fashion statement at your window and will offer little resistace to sunlight or cold draughts. The next option along would be that of the lined curtain. This is the most common type of lining found throughout homes in the UK, this curtain will go someway to blocking out sunrays but would perhaps be less efficient when it came to protecting your home from cold draughts. However, thermal lining is the ideal curtain lining option for those cold winter months, the thickness of the material will help protect your room from any chilly draughts that may seep through your window panes. Finally, blackout lining is an ideal lining type for bedroom curtains. The thick material will help to blockout any unwanted lightrays no matter the time of day or night, making them perfect for a young child’s bedroom.

Benefits of Grey Curtains

Grey curtains have many different benefits. From an aesthetics point of view the colour and style of the curtain will add a certain element of contemporary design without appearing to be overly dominant. Whilst, from a practical side, they are also a very functional product and can help keep any excess light rays or cold draughts out of your room.

Grey curtain care instructions

Here at Dunelm Mill we have a wide range of curtains available in a whole host of different materials and styles. Consequently, each of our grey curtains are provided with product specific cleaning and care instructions to help keep them looking their best for many years to come.