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Children's Curtains Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Children love to express their personalities and emotions through the things they do, wear and say. That is why the decoration of your child’s bedroom can be so important. Whether they crave a pretty pink palace or an action man’s retreat, you’re sure to find the perfect look for their room at Dunelm Mill. A good place to start is the curtains in your child’s bedroom, windows are often a key part to a child’s bedroom and so it’s vital to get the look and style just right.

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Children's Curtain Specifications

The curtains that you choose for your child’s bedroom can really set off the style and feel of their bedroom. A bright and solid baby pink would look great in a little girl’s bedroom or a patterned blue shaded curtain for a young boys room. However there are also other aspects to consider such as the material used, pattern and colour, purpose and durability.

Types of Children's Curtains

Colour and Design
The colour of a child’s curtain can make all the difference to the overall look, style and feel of a room. Whether you want to create a cosy haven or a colourful sanctuary for your little one, the best place to start is at their windows. There are several options when looking at the colour, do you need a pale pastel shade, vibrant bold colour or a busy pattern design. An additional consideration for your children's curtains is that of a matching or contrasting blind. Often roller blinds work well as a complementary product to a child’s curtain as they help to ensure that all sunlight is totally blocked out of the room, helping your little one get the perfect night’s sleep.

A principal consideration when purchasing children's curtains is the lining. If your main aim is to ensure that your child’s sleep is undisturbed by sunlight shining into their bedroom then perhaps a children's blackout curtain would be the perfect option. This style of curtain is ideal for children of all ages as not only do they help to keep the light out on those bright summers mornings but they also help to keep chilly draughts from entering your child’s bedroom on a cold winter’s evening. Other curtain lining options are also available for your child’s curtains and the level of thickness will very much depend on the purpose for which you require the curtain.

The size of the curtain that you purchase for your child’s bedroom is a very important aspect to consider. If you want to block out all sunlight and cold draughts then a longer curtain may be more suitable for your child’s window. The extra material that hangs at the bottom of the window helps to reduce the amount of unwanted draughts and rays that can escape through your curtains. However, if your child is slightly older and has hit those troublesome teenage years, they may struggle to drag themselves out of bed. In this case a normal sized curtain to match the size and shape of their window will surffice. The small sunrays that escape through the sides of your window will merely help them to wake up gradually as the sun rises.

Children's Curtain Care Instructions

All of our children’s curtains are composed of the highest quality materials. In order for your curtains to stay looking their best they may need to be cleaned from time to time. Individual product specific cleaning instructions will be supplied with your children’s curtains.