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A tieback refers to a piece of material that is hooped around a curtain and used to hold the material to either side of a window. Curtain tiebacks are often sold either as a separate entity or as part of a curtain package. Drape tiebacks are by no means a necessity however the luxurious look that they create at a window often make them a popular choice throughout many households.

  1. Curtain tieback specifications
  2. Types of curtain tiebacks
  3. Curtain tieback care instructions
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Curtain tieback specifications

Curtain tiebacks are a relatively simple and straight forward product. They are composed of a length of material that fits snugly around the curtains, this then fastens onto a hook or curtain holdback which is attached to the wall. Tiebacks are usually made up of matching material but can also be available in a contrasting shade to add a touch of colour to the drapes.

Types of curtain tiebacks

Tasselled tieback
Tasselled tiebacks are perhaps one of the most traditional and ornate versions of the curtain holding material. This style of tieback is very much used as an additional decorative piece as it not only holds the curtain in place but is also characterised by the tasselled threads that are bunched together and sit on the front of the curtain material. These tassels will add a touch of interest to a plain or simple curtain and will allow the eye to focus on the design.

Rope tieback
The rope design is more of a modern tieback and will leave a subtle but stylish look to your window dressing. The interwoven effect of this tieback will create an understated but charming feel to your home whilst still maintaining the practicalities of any other tieback. The perfect addition to an elaborate pair of curtains.

Decorative tiebacks
Recently there has been an increase in the number of people opting to use tiebacks more as a decorative piece than a practical purchase. These tiebacks are characterised by many different items such as beads or wooden buttons as well as often being composed of a robe like material. These ornamental and natural looking tiebacks help to create a touch of interest to your curtains whilst also emitting their very own sense of style.

Classic material tiebacks
Perhaps the most common type of tieback is the material option. These tiebacks are often created from the same material as the curtains and will perfectly match your drape choice. They are designed to subtly blend into the curtains whilst ensuring that the drapes stay securely positioned to the sides of the window frames.

Curtain tieback care instructions

Curtain tiebacks take little if any cleaning, often a slight airing or dust with the Hoover will suffice. However, since all of our tiebacks are composed of different materials and in different styles, it’s important to ensure that you follow the step by step cleaning and care instructions which will accompany your product.