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Mattress Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Mattresses are one of life’s great essentials. If you choose the right mattress for your needs it could last for many years. With this in mind it is vital that you research the different varieties, types, brands, styles and materials to help ensure that your purchase is a valid investment. This guide is designed to guide you through the mattress purchasing process.

  1. Aspects to consider when purchasing a mattress
  2. Why buy a new mattress?
  3. Mattress Care Instructions
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Aspects to consider when purchasing a mattress

This may seem like an obvious choice when looking to purchase a new mattress however it is not an aspect to be taken lightly. The purchase of a mattress always goes hand in hand with the procurement of a bedstead. It is very important that these two products fit perfectly with one another to ensure a great night’s sleep. There are several different sized mattresses available on the market, the most popular are; single, double and king size. This would seem like a relatively simple task to find a corresponding bed frame, however the confusion arises when other more niche sized mattresses are on offer. A common mistake made when purchasing mattresses often occurs from a confusion between mattresses that are known as ‘small doubles’ or ‘super king size’. These slightly more unusual sized mattresses can often lead to customers purchasing a different sized mattress to bed base. The difference in size between a small double mattress and a normal sized double mattress is often minimal to the eye however when it comes to ensuring a snug fit to your bed frame the difference in size can be easily identified and make for a very uncomfortable night’s sleep. This is also true of king size and super king size mattresses. When researching the ideal mattress for your needs ensure you are aware of the exact dimensions of the mattress you require.

Single mattresses are also a lot larger than you might initially imagine. It is important that you clearly measure the available space in your room before purchasing a bed frame and mattress. The edges around the bedstead will often need to be accounted for as well to ensure a perfect fit in your room.

Once the size has been decided it’s important to consider the material and composition of the mattress. There are many different materials available for mattresses on today’s market all with varying price tags. A very popular material is that of memory foam. This type of mattress will help to support your body in a very unimposing manner and will react to the heat and shape of each person’s body frame. Memory foam mattresses are also very popular with people who experience back or neck pain as the material will react to the weight and shape of the body and provide vital support where needed. It is also known to reduce pressure points and help the body to relax into a calm slumber, helping to reduce any aches and pains that are usually experienced with a more classically designed mattress.

Anti Allergy Mattress
Anti allergy mattresses are very popular with children, elderly or people with severe allergies. These types of mattresses are typically characterised by their hypoallergenic qualities making them resistant to dust mites, the perfect addition to a busy family home. Anti allergy mattresses are often composed of coil and foam materials to allow for a comfortable yet support fuelled night’s sleep.

Divan Mattress
When purchasing a divan bed it is important to note that unlike any other type of bedstead, divan mattresses are usually supplied with the divan bed base and sold as one unit. With this in mind it is important to ensure that the mattress that accompanies the divan bed base serves the purpose and will adhere to your requirements.

Why buy a new mattress?

If you invest in a good quality mattress from the beginning then it should last for around 8 – 10 years on average. However, the reason that mattresses will need replacing is due to the quality of the springs and material within the mattress. Beds are something that are used on a daily basis and so the springs and foam within in them have to be able to withstand a large amount of wear and tear. Over many years these springs may become less supportive and no longer provide you with a long and comfortable night’s sleep. Another reason to look at purchasing a new mattress is to avoid any allergies developing due to a build up of dust within the mattress over the past decade.

Mattress Care Instructions

As we have so many different styles and designs of beds, there are many different care and cleaning instructions required. Consequently we have created individual product specific care and cleaning instructions to accompany each different mattress type.