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Armchairs are one of the most traditional types of chairs on the market. Years ago these chairs were mostly found in living rooms and were used as a form of reading chair. However, in recent years they have made a comeback and have had a style revamp so that they are now highly trendy furniture items often found in bedrooms and dressing rooms. The vintage inspired look of these chairs perfectly complements the shabby chic design which is extremely popular at the moment.

  1. Benefits of an Armchair
  2. How to Choose the Perfect Armchair
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Benefits of an Armchair

Armchairs, as with many other seating items, are a very practical and functional product. They serve a worthy and demanded service of providing people with a place to sit. However, nowadays these seats are considered to be a very luxurious and stylish item of furniture. These armchairs, such as our Antoinette chair, ooze style and vintage chic which is a fabulous way to update your home and be on trend, whilst ensuring an excessively elegant touch to your room.

These fabulous armchairs are also an extremely versatile product and can be used in many different rooms of the home. Traditionally these chairs were designed for and often found in the living room or reading room. The style and general composition of the chair make the perfect reading seat, ideal for sitting in front of the fire on a cold winter’s day. However, nowadays it is not rare to see these armchairs in a bedroom or dressing room setting. The vintage inspired design of the structure and material help to transform the room into a glamorous and stylish setting, reminiscent of the golden years. The addition of an armchair in the bedroom will help to create a real focal point to the room and act as a talking piece for all to see. The practicalities of the chair cannot be underestimated either. The armchair will provide and extra seat, ideal for getting ready with friends or an additional area to place or lay out your outfit for the day.

Armchairs are often a wonderful addition to a sofa or settee set, when a single seat is required. Often a single seated armchair is the perfect way to add an extra chair to a living room without it dominating or requiring too much space in the room.

How to Choose the Perfect Armchair

With so many different types and styles of armchairs available it could be quite a difficult decision to choose the ideal seat. The best way to approach the selection process is to first decide which room the armchair will live in. If the chair is for the living room then it is likely that it will be being used as either additional seating or an accent piece in the room. With this in mind it is important that the armchair will match with and complement the general style and look of the room. So if the living room has a traditional feel with darker coloured sofas then perhaps an ornate and classically styled armchair might be a good option. However, if the chair is going to be placed in a bedroom then perhaps it will be the only seating option, other than the bed, that is present in the room. Consequently there would seem to be a bit more freedom in the style and colour of chair.

Armchairs that are placed in bedrooms are often used as a focal point of the room, they are an extremely fashionable item and are used as much for home decor as they are for functionality. In this situation there would perhaps be a larger choice of colour and style, if your room is relatively neutral then a bright and vibrant armchair would be the perfect addition. However, if shabby chic is the choice of bedroom design then a more subtle pastel colour might be complementary. Another popular placing for an armchair in the home is in a dressing room. These rooms are becoming increasingly popular with young professional women who perhaps live in a 2 bedroom house but only require the use of one bedroom for sleeping. Consequently, more and more spare rooms are being transformed into vintage inspired dressing rooms, with classic post war posters adorning the walls and shabby chic clothes stands displaying the prettiest of dresses. This setting is ideal for placing a chic and stylish armchair.

Armchair Care Instructions

Our fabulous range of armchair products are made from the highest quality materials to ensure the quality of the chairs whilst simultaneously offering an extremely fashionable and stylish look and feel. Since our collection of armchairs is extensive there is no one easy rule for caring for your armchair, this is why each chair is provided with individual product specific cleaning and care instructions.