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Lighting is an important aspect to all rooms; however the style of lighting fixture that you choose can vary greatly. This will depend on which type of room you require lighting for, the design and decor of the room as well as the vibrancy of the light required. Floor lamps are a great way to add a touch of personality to a room and are often considered to be a more stylish version of the traditional table lamp.

  1. What is a Floor Lamp?
  2. The History of Floor Lamps
  3. Important Aspects to Consider When Purchasing a Floor Lamp
  4. Floor Lamp Care Instructions
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What is a Floor Lamp?

A floor lamp is often characterised by a long metal or wooden structure that is placed on the ground and is finished by a lamp fitting that emits light at head level. This style of lighting is often used instead of ceiling lights or wall lights. Floor lamps are considered to be a very stylish piece of lighting that functions in a similar way to standard interior lighting and releases light at a similar height.

The History of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps originated from France and went by the name of torchiere. First introduced into the French market during the 17th century, these lamps were identified by their tall metal or wooden stand accompanied by a single candle to provide lighting. Following the success of this product, increasing numbers of candles were added to the top of the metal stand in order to provide amplified lighting to a darkened room. At the time, this form of lighting was a fantastic introduction to the most efficient way to light large rooms with potentially an abundance of dark corners. The success of this style of floor lamp is testament to how successful this lighting fixture invention had become. Nowadays, floor lamps are widely used throughout homes in the UK, however the candles have been replaced with much safer and more practical light bulbs.

Important Aspects to Consider when Purchasing a Floor Lamp

There are of course many different aspects to consider when purchasing a floor lamp, however the best place to start is often by considering the room for which the light is destined. If the room is large with many nooks and crannies that are darkened through lack of natural light then perhaps a floor lamp would be the ideal investment. However, if your room has limited available space and already benefits from ample natural light perhaps a small table lamp is a more appropriate choice. The design is always an key characteristic of the floor lamp as it is important that the lighting system complements your decor and personal style.

Floor Lamp Care Instructions

Floor lamps are relatively easy to care for and require very little cleaning. However, product specific cleaning instructions will accompany your floor lamp to ensure you keep your lamp looking great for years to come.