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Traditional rugs tend to be associated with the style of an oriental rug. The dark red based material combined with an intricate floral design is one of the key aspects associated with this type of flooring addition. However, there are many other characteristics to consider when looking to purchase a traditional rug, one of which is the type of material used. In general traditional floorings use a short pile material that is very hardwearing and will perfectly complement most wooden or plain carpets.

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What is a traditional rug?

The intricate details associated with the composition and design of a traditional rug combine to present a Persian inspired look to the rug. These decorative rugs are hardwearing and with minimal shedding will be easy to care for and a great addition to all types of flooring. Depending on the type of flooring and room that this rug is placed, it may be necessary to invest in a non-slip mat to be placed underneath, thus ensuring that the rug stays perfectly positioned at all times.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a traditional rug

A traditional rug has a very dominant style and can easily be identified by the colour and pattern used in the design. A popular traditional rug style is associated with a relatively busy pattern, making this design most suitable in a simple and calming décor. However, there are a wide range of designs available in the traditional rug market and so it is important to ensure that the pattern selected matches that of your existing décor.

Traditional rugs are available in a whole host of sizes from small hallway rugs to large room sized rugs and everything in between. Large traditional style rugs are often a popular choice as people tend to place them in a living room or dining room where they will act as a true focal point and design centre to the home. These large rugs are a real stylish addition to your home, however, they will also be extremely hardwearing and a practical element of your overall design.

The colour of the traditional rug that you choose is very important. It is essential to ensure that the colour selected complements your existing décor and does not clash with any other stylistic designs in the room. In general, traditional rugs are available in darker colours such as reds and browns, however, there is a whole host of different colours available if you desire a slightly more modern twist on a traditional rug.

As with all rugs, the price of the product will very much depend on the size, material and design selected. As a general rule, the larger the rug and more elaborate the composition, then the more likely it is that the rug will be expensive. However, rugs are a product that can last for many years and so it is important that you select the perfect rug for your home.

Traditional rug care

Since traditional rugs can be available in a whole host of different materials, it is important to ensure that the correct cleaning processes are followed. Consequently, each of our traditional rugs are accompanied by a step by step guide on how to care for your product and help it to stay looking its best for many years to come.