Toaster and Kettle Sets

Matching kitchen electrical appliances brings a personal touch to your kitchen.

Having a toaster and kettle as a set is perhaps one of the most effective groups as they often feature as a permanent presence on your worktop. Our extensive ranges of kettles and toasters provide functionality and style as they efficiently toast and boil your their way to providing you with a deliciously satisfying breakfast. Our range of kettles have clever design aspects, such as windows to view capacity and 360 degree bases for easy manoeuvrability for both left and right handed users. Our toasters have ingenious features to ensure you avoid common problems; high lift functions prevent burnt fingers and the multiple settings allow you to defrost and reheat different types of bread with ease.

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Our choice of toaster and kettle set colours and designs make it easy to add a complementary colour to your kitchen decor or liven things up with a splash of bright colour. Your new collection will be the envy of your friends and family, and renew your pride in your kitchen as you sit down in the morning to admire your new gleaming appliances.

Available to purchase online today, these toaster and kettle sets are the perfect addition to your home.

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