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Finials are the perfect decorative addition to a curtain pole. They are characterised as two ornate metal or wooden ends that fit neatly on to the end of each side of the pole. The purpose of these finials is predominantly decorative however they also function as an extra protective 'stopper' to ensure that the curtains do not slide off the end of the pole.

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Curtain finial specifications

Curtain finials are generally a relatively basic product in terms of function and specifications. As mentioned above one of the principal uses of the finial is to add an extra luxurious touch of extravagance to your curtains. The finial can be as simple or as ornate as desired and will help your curtain pole appear more elegant and stylish than a standard window pole. Finials will also have the added bonus of helping to ensure that the curtains remain neatly positioned on the pole during use.

Types of curtain finials

Urn shaped finials
Urn shaped finials are generally considered to be the design of a traditional curtain end. The shape of this product will add a touch of timeless glamour to your curtain rail, whilst the hardwearing qualities of the brass look material will ensure that they stand the test of time.

Cylinder shaped finials
These cylinder shaped finials are an ideal addition to any contemporary curtain set. The subtle tube shape design will add a touch of interest to the curtain pole without seeming overly dominant. This type of finial is a fantastic investment as it will match many different types, colours and styles of curtains meaning that even if your choice of curtains changes often, your curtain pole and finials may stay the same, a very economical option.

Wave ball finials
This type of finial is perhaps more unusual than the alternative options. The microphone-like ball will protrude out of the end of the pole and help to create a touch of interest at your windows. This design of finial is ideal if you have a plain or simple set of curtains at your window, the unusually shaped finial will help to enhance the style and look of your existing curtains without having to invest in a whole new window dressing type.

Pole and finial combinations
Finials often come as a separate part to the curtain pole, a main reason for this is that it is a stylish additional extra and not a mandatory item for the curtain set. However, it is also possible to purchase a curtain pole that is already accompanied by a matching and complementary set of finials. This is available for both metal and wooden poles and in a magnitude of designs. This is often considered to be a much more convenient way of purchasing a set of finials as the colour, size and material already match and can be easily slotted together.

Curtain finial care instructions

Since finials are available in many different materials there are a few different cleaning steps necessary for each type of finial. Consequently, there will be a detailed cleaning and care guide that accompanies each individual product, however often a light dust will suffice.