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A draught excluder’s principal job is to prevent any cold air from seeping into your home through a draughty door whilst also helping to ensure that all heat is kept from escaping through the bottom of a door. There are many different styles of draught excluders on the market today from plain and subtle coloured versions to a more comical animal design. Whichever style you choose, the benefit of the additional levels of warmth felt in your home combined with the potential of reducing the heating bills will make these items a very attractive proposition.

  1. What is a draught excluder?
  2. Different types of draught excluders
  3. Draught excluder care
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What is a draught excluder?

A draught excluder is often considered to be an everyday product that is used predominantly in the winter months. This is often considered to be a way to ensure that your home stays warm throughout those chilly winter months without having to resort to turning the heating up full blast for hours on end. This kind of draught blocking product is often bought with a complementary product such as thermal curtains that will act in the same way as a draught excluder, preventing cold air from seeping into the home through the window panes.

Different types of draught excluders

Traditional Draught Excluders
A traditional draught excluder is often a popular choice for most households and is often purchased as a functional item to help block out unwanted draughts. Traditional draught excluders tend to be simple in design and are commonly available in a block colour. However, the composition of the draught stopper remains the same and benefits from durable, hardwearing synthetic and cotton exterior to help keep it looking and functioning to its best ability for many years to come.

Union Jack Draught Excluders
Following on from the Jubilee and Olympic celebrations of 2012, the nation has ignited a passion for all things Union Jack. This is true too of draught excluders. These red, white and blue draught stoppers offer a vibrant addition to the home whilst also adding a feel of contemporary style and true British flavour. Since draught excluders are such a small and relatively subtle product the British flag design of these items allows you to add a nod to the British celebrations without seeming overly dominant in your home.

Animal Draught Excluders
Animal draught excluders are also a very popular design. Britain is a nation of pet and animal lovers and so it is no surprise that we choose to honour our love of animals through a home furnishing design. Many of our animal draught excluders are based on a neutral backed design with a variety of cartoon style animals such as kittens or puppies. These products are ideal if you have a busy family home as small children are sure to love the design.

Draught excluder care

Draught excluders are generally relatively simple products, however, they are placed in a potentially dirty position in the home; in front of a door. Consequently, each of our draught excluders are accompanied by individual product specific cleaning and care instrctions to help keep your draught stopper look its best for many years to come.