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Louis Chair from Dunelm Mill

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A Louis chair is a very ornate and elaborate style of dining chair. The design and feel of the chair will add a hint of the renaissance to your dining table whilst the style and shape will mean that this seat is exceptionally comfortable with a padded base, whilst simultaneously providing substantial back support with a high back. Dining chairs are fast becoming a fashionable and much desired furniture item, the design and style of chair will make all the difference to the finished look at your table.

  1. Why choose a Louis chair?
  2. Aspects to consider when purchasing a Louis chair
  3. Louis chair care instructions
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Why choose a Louis chair?

As mentioned above, a Louis chair has a very specific design, the look and style that this seat will bring to your room is one of classic vintage chic with a hint of regal charm. The Louis chair will not only provide a stylish addition to your room but will also be a very practical and functional item. This type of chair can either be part of a set of 6 dining chairs or alternatively look like a wonderful and ornate focal point to the table if only one lone chair is purchased. There is also the option to have a Louis chair with two solid arm rests that further adds to the elaborate feel of the chair whilst also emphasing the regal qualities of the style. Whichever design you select you are sure to make a charming statement in the room.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a Louis chair

The size of the chair needs to be assessed before making a purchase as it is important that the chair can fit comfortably at your existing or new dining table. There is nothing worse than purchasing a chair that cannot neatly fit underneath the table, meaning that there is a gap between the table top and the user. This unfortunate gap can lead to food spillages and a general annoyance by the user. Furthermore, the room size needs to be considered as an ornate Louis chair with two strong and solid arms may look a touch out of place in a quaint little dining room.

The style of a Louis chair is very specific and so consequently it is important to ensure that your existing décor will complement the chair. A similarly designed room would be ideal aswell as a more neutral shade. However, if your dining room is ultra modern then perhaps a Louis chair would look a touch out of place.

Louis chairs are a truly elaborate and decorative piece; a main focal point to any room, consequently the price can be a touch higher than other popular styles of dining chair. Due to the price and style of these chairs people often opt to purchase just two for each head of table and then use a more economical wooden dining chair for the remaining seats. However, these chairs are of the highest quality and design meaning that if cared for correctly they should last for many years to come.

Complementary Products
It is possible to buy a set of chairs that will be composed of a similar shade of wood. These chairs can help to complement and highlight the beauty of the Louis chair and ensure that they are the true focal point of the dining table.

Louis chair care instructions

Louis chairs are very ornate and luxurious seating options. Consequently, it is important that you follow the step by step guide on how to care for and clean your chairs to help keeping them looking their best for many years to come.