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If you have ever ventured into the kitchen to whip up a culinary delight then it is highly likely that you will have used a Pyrex product. Pyrex is one of the leading names in glass kitchenware and has been a popular choice for culinary instruments since the early 1900s. The success of this product is demonstrated by the range of Pyrex products available on the market today. Here at Dunelm Mill we’re very proud to offer a broad and varied range of Pyrex products from jugs to bowls you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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  2. The Benefits of Pyrex Products
  3. Pyrex Product Care
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History of Pyrex

Pyrex products first came to market around 1915 and was predominantly used for kitchenware as well as for laboratory products. The Pyrex brand originated in America during WW1 and has been a popular product in the USA ever since. However, with the success of the product came an international expansion. Nowadays, Pyrex kitchenware products are commonly available throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Benefits of Pyrex Products

When Pyrex introduced its range of ovenproof glass dishes, it was a cooking phenomenon. Never before had it been believed that you could cook with glass in an oven without the risk of the glass shattering. The quality of this product is one of the main reasons why this brand has lasted the test of time. At Dunelm Mill we believe in the value of quality and durability and that is why we offer such a vast array of Pyrex products in our kitchenware range.

Here at Dunelm Mill our collection of Pyrex products is one of our most practical product ranges. Perhaps this is most true of our Pyrex measuring jug. This is often considered to be one of our most precise forms of measuring liquid. The vibrant red of the capacity levels is strongly contrasted to the translucent glass helping to ensure that your measurements are correct every time. Other popular Pyrex products that we stock here at Dunelm Mill include the very useful, multi-purpose casserole dish. Casseroles are generally thought of as a family favourite for the British population and this is further emphasised with the levels of popularity that we see with this particular Pyrex product. The practicality of this dish is evident straight away. Not only does it allow you to create a hearty and healthy casserole to feed the family but it can also be used to make many other dishes both in the oven and under the grill without any risk of the glass cracking under intense heat. The beauty of Pyrex glass products is that they are very easy to clean and are also often dishwasher proof.

In the present economic times, everyone is looking to save some money; this is where a Pyrex product could help. Due to the quality and durability of the glass these products are built to last. The thickness and excellence of this material is one of the key factors that characterises Pyrex, this helps to make the glass heat proof and shatter proof. However, this quality also means that Pyrex products are very hardwearing and built to last the test of time. Our beautiful range of Pyrex products really stand for quality and value for money, the idea behind the brand is that you ‘buy once and buy well’.

With its slick edges, rounded bases and ergonomic handles our stunning range of Pyrex products will really add a stylish and sleek look to your kitchen. Often the most practical products in your kitchen are also the least stylish. This isn’t the case with our stunning range of contemporary Pyrex products. Glass is the latest trend in modern kitchenware which complements perfectly the very essence of Pyrex products. Also, the glass goods will suit any kitchen decor due to the neutral nature of the products and consequently these products won’t date as fashion trends come and go.

Pyrex Product Care

Here at Dunelm Mill we’re very proud to offer our customers a fantastic collection of Pyrex products. The mere nature of these products mean that they should last for years to come; however, to keep them looking their best follow these simple cleaning instructions. All of our Pyrex products come with individual product specific cleaning instructions, however, for a brief guide please follow the below.

  • Always ensure that you clean your Pyrex product carefully after every use
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Most of our Pyrex products are machine washable but this will be stated in the individual product care instructions