Oxford pillowcase

Our oxford pillowcases offer a traditionally styled option to a normal pillowcase design.

The pleated edges give a small border to the pillowcase and add a secondary level of intricacy to the design of your bedding.

More information about oxford pillowcases

Our oxford pillowcases offer a luxurious surface to place your head after a long day, our 400 thread cottons creating a supremely soft material that will leave you wanting more. Available in a number of design styles, from plain and bold colours, to intricate floral and traditional designs, our oxford pillowcase ranges will ensure that we have the right look for you.

Many of our oxford pillowcases feature as part of a complete bedding collection, allowing you to customise and coordinate your efforts in order to create a fully personalised look for your room. Easy to care for, the majority of our oxford pillowcases are machine washable and allow you to restore their original freshness and feel effortlessly. Available to purchase online today either individually or as part of a full bedding collection, our oxford pillowcases will be the finishing touch to your bedroom.

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