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Roman blinds add a touch of luxury to any window. The thick cascading fabric helps to insulate your home whilst also creating a very stylish, cosy and lavish design to your room. Roman blinds are often considered to be a contemporary alternative to curtains with many similarities such as banishing cold draughts.

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Types of Roman Blinds

Classic Roman Blind Collection

Our range of roman blinds is both practical and chic. We have a wide range of fabrics available with our roman blinds; suedette, twill and polycotton. Roman blinds are a real talking piece of any room; open or closed they create a luxurious affect. Furthermore, all of our roman blinds are lined to protect the fabric of the blind whilst also keeping draughts out. Our range of roman blinds is often considered to be an affordable luxury, adding a touch of class to your home without breaking the bank.

Blackout Roman Blinds

Blackout roman blinds are the perfect addition to any bedroom. The luxurious qualities of this stylish blind make them the ideal option for the master bedroom. The obvious benefits of a blackout roman blind are their ability to block out the sun’s rays, thus ensuring you get a peaceful night’s sleep. Blackout roman blinds also have the benefit of protecting your bedroom furniture from fading in the sunlight.

Roman Blind Room Selection

Roman blinds are a truly beautiful product. They will add a luxurious, inviting and relaxed feel to any room. Due to the nature of these blinds, it is not recommended that you place these in any rooms where they could become damp quickly, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Roman blinds are more suited to a room where they can be a real feature such as a lounge or bedroom. Roman blinds are often a focal point that brings the whole look of a room together, be that with a strong colour or pattern or merely the elaborate cascading fabric.


If you crave a sophisticated and lavish look for your master bedroom, then roman blinds are the perfect option. Not only will these blinds create a cosy, warm yet stylish look to your room but they are also a very practical choice. The thickness of the material used with our roman blinds mean that any draughts are immediately stopped from entering your bedroom, perfect for those chilly winter months. However, this style of blind is not only suited to the winter months. The principal design of this blind mean that it can be easily pulled up and secured, allowing a cool breeze to flow in from an open window during those humid summer months.


Roman blinds are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to curtains in the lounge. These modern day window dressings combine the luxury and quality of a curtain with the practicality of a blind. Roman blinds are suitable for any window in the lounge and can often have more benefits than curtains. The key advantage to these blinds is that, in essence, they behave much like a curtain when closed, keeping cold draughts out and helping to create a cosy atmosphere in the home. However, they also benefit from having the same operating mechanism as other blinds meaning that it is possible to pull the blind up to the top of the window, leaving your window clear to let the sun pour into your room on a summers day.

Benefits of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds make a real statement in your home; you can immediately transform and update the look of your room by hanging some new roman blinds at your window. This type of blind is a great way to update the look of your home without paying a fortune. Another economical factor relating to these blinds is their ability to form a barrier against cold draughts, helping to keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Our range of roman blinds is available in various different colours and patterns and will match most decors.

Roman blinds are very versatile products. They are available in a multitude of colours, sizes and finishes to complement your room. Whilst the look and feel of a roman blind is that of luxury, the price of the product remains affordable, thus making it a worthwhile investment. If what you crave for your home is a touch of style and elegance then our range of roman blinds is the perfect addition.

Roman Blind Care Instructions

At Dunelm Mill we love our roman blind range. To keep your blinds looking their best, please follow these basic instructions.

  • Always ensure that your roman blinds have been securely fitted to the wall
  • Avoid placing your roman blind directly above any major heat sources
  • Always clean with a fresh duster or Hoover attachment
  • Always follow the care instructions that are supplied with your roman blinds