Christmas Dinnerware Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Meal time is perhaps the most important time on Christmas day. Weeks are spent ensuring you purchase all of the right foods and then hours spent preparing for the feast of honours. With this in mind it is vital that the dinner table is looking its very best full of festive flair and luxury. This is where a beautiful set of dinnerware really comes into its own.

  1. The History of Christmas Dinnerware
  2. Types of Christmas Dinnerware
  3. Christmas Dinnerware Care Instructions
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The History of Christmas Dinnerware

With the rise in popularity of the Christmas meal has come an increased demand for Christmas specific dinnerware. Nowadays, people will host Christmas dinner for families and friends and so consequently need their dining room to look its best. Years ago there wasn’t really a strong market for Christmas dinnerware products and so consequently, normal everyday tableware products were used, with perhaps the addition of a homemade holly based table decoration to add a splash of festive cheer. However, nowadays there are copious amounts of Christmas specific dinner and tableware and many different options to choose from.

Types of Christmas Dinnerware

As previously mentioned there are many different types of Christmas dinnerware available on the market today, from festive table cloths to beautiful holly style candles you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Festive Table Cloth
If you don’t invest in any other Christmas based dinnerware products make sure you purchase a festive table cloth. A Christmas themed table cloth can make all the difference to the general theme and ambiance created in your dining room. Table cloths don’t need to cost a fortune and can be used year after year to bring a touch of festive joy to the dinner table.

Christmas Place Mats
If you prefer to stick to a plain and simple table cloth but crave a touch of festive cheer at your dining table then why not invest in a beautiful set of Christmas place mats. These can be as subtle or vibrant as you dare and don’t have to play a overly domineering role at your table.

Christmas Candles
No Christmas dining table is complete without the addition of some beautiful Christmas candles. As the winter evening draws in these candles will help to create the perfect lighting and atmospheric setting for your meal. Not used as a sole form of light but more as a decorative piece these candles can help to perfect the overall festive feel to your table.

Christmas Day Cutlery
Christmas day is a time of celebration and there is no better time to whip out your very best silver cutlery than during the festive period. The addition of some stylish and traditional cutlery can add the perfect finishing touch to your table decoration. They will also help to add a sense of occasion to your meal as you will be using your very best dinnerware items for a wonderful meal with family and friends.

Christmas Dinnerware Care Instructions

Christmas dinnerware items stretch throughout a whole host of different products and so consequently the care and cleaning instructions for each piece will vary. Consequently, we have provided individual product specific cleaning and care instructions for each of our types of goods.