Solid Wood Furniture

Buying solid wood furniture has a number of benefits that set these high quality furnishings apart from their competition.

Solid wood is extremely strong and allows furniture to be moved with less damage risks and will also be resistant to scuffs, scratches, bumps and marks much better than a veneer outing. Solid wood also ages and changes with time, an intriguing process that allows you to enjoy a darker and richer colour as the wood ages, adding further warmth to your room. This attractive patina is only found with solid wood furniture and cannot be replicated. Should any accidents occur, solid wood furniture can be repaired at will due to all the wood being the same in each panel, a far more a cost effective process when compared to veneer repair.

More information on Solid Wood Furniture

Durable solid wood furniture made from high quality woods such as oak and acacia are effortlessly maintainable, simply dust them on a weekly basis and the oils and lacquers in the wood will take care of the rest. Our extra thick construction, hand selected knotty woods and sleek designs will ensure that your new selection of solid wood furniture looks fantastic in your home.

Available as individual items or as part of a collection, purchase our solid wood furniture online today and add the balance of stylish and practical furniture your home deserves.

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