Made to Measure Curtains from Dunelm Mill

At Dunelm Mill, you can create a bespoke look for any room in your home with our quality made to measure ranges including curtains, blinds, cushions and accessories. Renowned for our superb fabrics and impeccable attention to detail, we boast a huge variety of designs for you to choose from - including a wide variety of linings, curtain headings and finishing touches like tiebacks, swags and tails and valances.

Just follow these 3 simple steps and your bespoke order will be delivered within 14 working days.

Step 1: Choose your fabric

Getting the colour right is key to any room's success. With over 300 design options we start our made to measure process with easy to use colour groups to help you narrow your choice of fabrics to your chosen colour palette and decor.

Colour groups

If you prefer the simplicity of blinds instead of curtains, simply choose a style to suit your home first.

Austrian Blinds

Austrian Blinds

Austrian Blinds are designed using over long fabric so the extra drape is pulled into fabulous scallops. All our Made to measure Austrian blinds can be ordered to any width and come complete with fixings and fitting instructions.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds display attractive pleats or folds when raised and when lowered (pulled down) they hang flat. Made to measure Roman blinds can only be ordered upto a maximum width of 213cm (84") (as will sag in the middle if any wider).

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are easy to adjust to add a little or full light when pulled fully open and are the perfect window dressings for large windows and patio doors. Made to measure Vertical blinds can only be ordered upto a maximum width of 304cm (120") and come complete with fixings and fitting instructions.

Step 2: Enter your measurements
How to measure for curtains

Dunelm Mill made to measure curtains are sold in pairs and the size given refers to each individual curtain. So if you buy a pair of curtains measuring 117cm x 137cm (46" x 54") you are buying two curtains and each one will measure width 117cm x length 137cm (width 46" x length 54"). This is the standard way of selling curtains.

Curtain measurements

Measuring Width:

- For greater accuracy use a metal tape.

- Measure the pole, rather than the window, to ascertain the width needed. We offer a wide range of curtain tracks and poles. It is best to fit this before taking your measurements.

- Your track or pole should be placed approximately 15cm (6") above your window top and should be wider than your window by approximately 15-20cm (6-8").

- To allow your curtains to create that soft gathered look when they are closed: allow 2 times the width of the curtain track or pole for tape top curtains, allow 1.5 to 2 times the width of the curtain for eyelet and tab top curtains, add an extra 2.5cm (1") to your track/pole measurement. This will allow for your curtains to overlap in the middle when they are closed to keep out light or draught.

Measuring height:

- Decide on the effect you want, either floor length or sill length. Ideally sill length curtains should finish 15cm (6") below the window sill to banish light and draughts. Floor length curtains should finish 1.5cm (1/2") above the floor to prevent wear on the hems.

- For tape top curtains measure the length from the eye of the curtain hook on your track or pole. Remember to take the length of the tabs into consideration when measuring from the pole, ensuring your pole sits far enough above the window to allow for the depth of the tab.

- Eyelet curtains are only suitable for curtain poles. Again measure the length from the pole.

- If you have a radiator below the window your curtains should finish 3cm (1 1/2") above it so as not to restrict the heat coming into the room.

How to measure for blinds

Blinds can be fitted inside or outside of the window recess. In a recess allow at least 7.5cm (3") for the operating mechanism for roller blinds.

Please note: When inputting the size of your required made to measure blind in our made to measure order section, the maximum width available to order for Roman blinds is 213cm (84"). This is due to the weight of the blind, which if any wider will cause it to sag in the middle. The maximum width available to order for Vertical blinds is 304cm (120"). Austrian blinds can be ordered to any width.

For greater accuracy use a metal tape

Inside Recess Measuring

Step 1: Check that your recess is not obstructed in any way that would stop the blind being lowered/drawn correctly.

Step 2: Measure the total width from A-B. Check above and below the line to get the narrowest measurement.

Step 3: Measure the drop from the top to the bottom C-D

Outside Recess Measuring

Step 1: Decide how much you want the blind to overlap the recess. We'd recommend a minimum of 5cm (2") on all sides.

Step 2: Measure the width A-B. For roller blinds add a further 5cm (2") to account for the operating mechanism (you may wish to add more overlap to prevent light appearing around the edge of your blind).

Step 3: Measure the drop from the top to the bottom C-D.

Step 3: Accessorise with optional extras
Curtain Linings

Our high quality polycotton linings are added as standard. These easy care linings are used in many of our readymade curtains, designed to keep rooms warm in winter and cool in summer. You'll find our standard polycotton linings are suitable for most rooms in your home. However to give you more choice and versatility you may wish to consider different linings, for example, if you have rooms with excessive light, noise or draughts. You may prefer to choose from the following options:

Blackout Curtain Linings

Ideal for children's bedrooms and daytime sleepers, these linings block out the daylight.

Thermal Curtain Linings

A thermal coating provides maximum heat insulation to keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter

Curtain Headings

Our made to measure curtains come with pencil pleat as standard, but you can select from a wide range of heading options to create a different look. Some curtain headings are only suitable for poles, whilst others work with poles with rings or curtain tracks, so it's important to consider how you will be hanging your curtains before ordering.

Curtain Headings for Tracks & Poles

Pencil Pleat Heading

Simple and versatile, this option comes as standard.
The 3 hook positions allow you to hang it from a track or pole and gather to suit. Choose heading depths of 2.5cm (1") or 7.5cm (3").

Pinch Pleat Heading

This decorative heading allows the fabric to fall in deep folds, and when open, takes more space than pencil pleat, so creates a smart formality that suits classic interiors. Pleats are not sewn in but are formed by pulling cords in the tape using a special hook. Heading depth 7.5cm (3").

Curtain Headings for Poles Only

Slotted Pocket Heading

Created with a pocket of material that simply slides on to a pole for a clean look. The pockets are made to your measurements and designed to create a casual, relaxed mood. Heading depth is available in a choice of 2.5cm (1"), 5cm (2") and 7.5cm (3").

Eyelet Heading

Perfect to make a great decorative feature in any room, eyelet top curtains are easy to open and close and slip straight on to a pole, falling in soft, gentle folds. Eyelets are 4cm in diameter and available in chrome, brass, antique brass, antique copper and gun metal.

Tab Top Heading

Striking tabs simply loop over the pole allowing the curtain to hang. They are excellent if you want to make a feature of your pole. Make sure you position your pole to suit a heading depth 10cm (4").

Finishing touches



For the perfect finish, complete the look of your room by adding our plain or decorated tiebacks to keep your new made to measure curtains tidy and allow in maximum light from your window when open. Choose from a variety of different sizes to suit the size and number of widths in your made to measure curtains.

Swags and Tails

Swags and Tails

Swags and tails are decorative pleated arrangement of fabric to create a formal look in any room. Please note that our swags and tails are only suitable for use on a wooden baton. Tails can be lined with any contrasting fabric for maximum effect and are 92cm (36") deep. Swags are lined with our easy care polycotton lining for a perfect drape and made to a standard size of 60cm (24") wide and 38cm (14") deep.



For a decorative trim that is less formal than swags and tails you may want to enhance your curtain top with our straight valances. These also disguise the presence of a curtain track and come fully lined with our easy care polycotton lining and have a standard drop of 25cm (10").



Why not add some matching cushion covers to create a really pulled together look throughout your interior? We can make a huge variety of cushion styles including plain, piped, frilled edge or tasselled from our wide range of curtain fabrics..

Caring for your curtains and blinds

- All our curtains and blinds should be professionally cleaned according to their individual care instructions. You'll find full care instructions on packaging or on the sewn in labels.

- Creases may occur from curtains being packed. These should fall out after hanging in a warm room.

- Apart from velvet, most curtains may be ironed with a warm dry iron on the reverse side.

- When ironing, make sure you avoid the hem at the bottom and on the sides.

- Velvet flattens but should regain volume once hung. Brush upwards to take all pile the same way.

- Never iron or machine wash velvet curtains; always dry clean in accordance with care instructions.

- Tiebacks should be cared for using the same care instructions and at the same time as your curtains.

- Cleaning a curtain track with household detergent from time to time will help ease the glide of your curtains.

- Blinds can be dusted with a synthetic or feather duster.

- Fabric blinds can also be vacuumed with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

- Never wash a fabric blind using soap and water.

Dunelm Made to Measure Terms and Conditions

In addition to our standard Terms and Conditions, our made to measure products are covered by the following terms:

1) Please check your measurements to ensure you order the correct size. Please read our Buying Guide for Made to Measure (above) for assistance in measuring correctly.

2) We strongly recommend ordering a free fabric sample to ensure colour and texture accuracy. Colour cannot always be truly represented due to variations in PC monitors.

3) After placing your initial made to measure order with us, you have a 48 hour 'cooling off' period. During this time your order will not be processed and you may cancel your order by calling our customer hotline 0845 1 65 65 65.

4) After the 48 hour 'cooling off' period, we will begin to make up your order and in the event of any cancellation 50% of the total value of the order will be charged to cover our costs.

5) Products are all made to measure , so can only be returned if faulty or not made to the specification given.

6) Please note shades may vary due to different dye batches.

7) We do not guarantee a pattern match on checks and woven fabrics.

8) A perfect match on seams on some fabrics cannot be guaranteed

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