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Cream curtains are one of the most versatile window dressings on the market today. The neutral shade means that they will complement most decors whether contemporary or traditionally styled whilst the functionality of the curtains remains, offering protection from any excess sunlight or pesky draughts that may seep through the window panes. Cream curtains are also the perfect complementary product to a blind. Whether you prefer the style and sophistication of a wooden venetian blind or the simplicity of a roller blind, a cream curtain will perfectly suit any blind type, colour or material.

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Types of cream curtains

Cream Eyelet Curtains
Eyelet curtains are one of the most contemporary and fashionable types of curtains. The hoop like holes that run along the top of the curtain are easily attached to the rail allowing the curtain to smoothly slide across the pole to be opened or closed. The option to have cream eyelet curtains further enhances the modernity of this type of curtain as the neutral shade is very popular with many fashionable decors such as the shabby chic or vintage inspired look. This style is based around a range of natural colours and distressed furniture making cream curtains the perfect addition.

Cream Pencil Pleat Curtains
Pencil pleat curtains are a wonderful option for your home, especially if the décor is more of a traditional style. The top section of the material is pulled together to form a pinched type look which is then attached to a curtain track using a system of hooks. This type of curtain is one of the most popular and long standing styles of curtain. The pinched look will match most decors and will lend itself well to a neutral shade such as cream. The neutrality of the curtain means that they will blend in with all decors whether contemporary or classic, however the drawn pencil pleat look is very popular with traditionally styled homes especially if teamed with a dark wooden venetian blind. The cream curtain will thus help to soften the look at your window whilst also providing additional protection from both sunlight and cold draughts.

Cream Lined Curtains
Once the colour and style of curtain has been decided it is then important to consider the type of lining required. If the curtain is destined to be part of a blind and drape duo at your window then perhaps an unlined curtain will suffice. However, if it will be the sole form of protection at your window in the living room for example then perhaps a thermally lined curtain would be the most beneficial option. The addition of a thick thermal lining will help your curtains to protect your room from unwanted sunrays whilst also helping to blockout any excess cold draughts that may seep through the window panes. Cream thermal curtains would be a great option if your windows are draughty or single glazed, however there is also the option to have a cream blackout curtain. These types of blinds offer the highest protection from sunlight and would be most suited to a bedroom. Many parents favour these curtains over alternatives as the sun blocking qualities mean that they can douse their child’s bedroom into darkness no matter the time of day, allowing the children to get a great night’s sleep.

Benefits of cream Curtains

There are many benefits to cream curtains, the key aspect being versatility. The colour cream has the benefit of being very neutral and so will contrast or complement most decors. Cream curtains come in a wide range of styles, materials and linings making them a great option for any room in the home.

Cream curtain care instructions

Here at Dunelm Mill we offer a wide range of cream curtains in a variety of different materials. This is why each of our cream curtain sets are accompanied by a set of instructions to help keep your curtains looking their best for many years to come.