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White Bedroom Furniture Guide from Dunelm Mill

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White furniture is the latest trend for bedrooms, the light colour of the wood helps to create a sense of light and space. White bedroom furniture is available in all manner of items, from bed frames to wardrobes, drawers to bedside tables. White furniture is often associated with a vintage style furniture range, this new aged look is a highly fashionable and much sought after design.

  1. White Bedroom Furniture Background
  2. Why Buy White Bedroom Furniture
  3. Types of White Bedroom Furniture
  4. White Bedroom Furniture Care Instructions
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White Bedroom Furniture Background

White bedroom furniture is obviously a very specific and easily identified furniture set. The items are usually made up of wood and painted or stained white. The finished look of this white colour can vary vastly, from a neat and precise solid white to a shabby chic distressed look. Both designs are white furniture pieces but will each create a totally different look to your room.

As a general rule, bedroom furniture is defined as any furniture items that can make up a bedroom suite. This can be as simple as a bed and table or as complex as a dressing table, mirror, nightstand, chest of drawers and a wardrobe. All of these items can have a vintage inspired touch to them be that through a distressed wooden effect or through the white tinted wooden frames.

The majority of white bedroom furniture items are composed of wood as this is one of the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing sturdy material types. Wood is also a very versatile material as it can be painted in many different colours allowing it to cater for the varying fashions that come into the market, the white bedroom furniture range is a fantastic example.

Why Buy White Bedroom Furniture

It may seem like the need and use of bedroom furniture is an obvious one and it’s fair to say that the very principal of the furniture items is functionality and requirement. For example, everyone needs to have a bed to sleep on and the majority of people would crave the convenient benefits of a wardrobe. However, bedroom furniture is now much more than purely functionality, the style and design chosen of the bedroom furniture can totally transform the look and feel of a room. This is one of the reasons why the white bedroom furniture range is so popular. This style of furniture can be used as a sophisticated and stylish addition to the master bedroom whilst also complementing perfectly the look and design of a young girl’s room. The look that you get from this white furniture will very much depend on the home furnishing with which it is teamed. Add some vintage style photo frames and plain walls to create the ideal adults retreat whilst teaming this furniture with some soft pink shades will help transform the room into a princess’ palace.

Types of White Bedroom Furniture

White Beds
White beds are a fantastic addition to any bedroom. This design perhaps leans more towards suiting a female bedroom as opposed to male, however, in a master bedroom it will serve the purpose of a stylish and sophisticated furniture piece. White bed frames often come with matching white headboards and can provide the perfect sense of light and space to any sized room.

White Chest of Drawers
A large chest of drawers with a white wooden finish can help to create a vintage inspired decadent feel to a room. This stylish piece of bedroom furniture has the ability to instantly update a tired and worn decor. However, not only are these white chest of drawers a fantastic way to introduce a touch of style to a room but they are also a great means in which to neatly store clothing items such as jumpers or T-shirts, alternatively large bulky bedding items such as towels could be carefully stored.

White Bedside Table
If you have invested in a white bed frame and chest of drawers then a white bedside table is the perfect complementary product. This style of bedside table will provide all of the functionality and practicality of a bedside storage unit whilst also matching perfectly with the rest of your room’s decor.

White Rimmed Mirror
Every bedroom would benefit from a full length white rimmed mirror, whether it’s free standing or attached to the wall. The obvious benefits of the white wooden mirror are related to the standard use of a mirror to check your appearance. However, by adding a mirror to your bedroom you will help to increase the amount of light that is reflected around the room helping to create a sense of space to your bedroom.

White Bedroom Furniture Care Instructions

White bedroom furniture is available in all manner of items from beds to mirrors, consequently there are many different cleaning instructions necessary for caring for your products. This is why each of our white bedroom furniture items are accompanied by a product specific set of cleaning advice.