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In recent years, fashion trends have really been adopted by leading kitchenware products and this is clearly demonstrated with the fantastic Russell Hobbs range that we have to offer here at Dunelm Mill. Practicality, style and quality, these Russell Hobbs products have it all. At Dunelm Mill we offer a wide and varied range of Russell Hobbs products such as matching kettles and toasters, fryers and irons, you’re sure to find the perfect product for your home.

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  2. The Benefits of Russell Hobbs Products
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History of Russell Hobbs

The Russell Hobbs Company was formed around 1952 by two men called Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs. The pair met whilst working as engineers for the Morphy Richards Company. Following a few disagreements with the Morphy Richards Company management team the two broke away and formed a rival kitchenware company; Russell Hobbs. This new partnership was shown to be a resounding success with the pair inventing the first coffee percolator in the early 1950s. The two proved to be the perfect team with Russell heading up the project development team and Hobbs managing the sales process, each playing to their own personal strengths. The company quickly became known as strong market contenders in the electric coffee pots, kettles and tea makers industry. This leading product range can still be seen today and the beautiful vibrant kettle range is one of our most popular kitchenware products here at Dunelm Mill.

The Benefits of Russell Hobbs Products

The Russell Hobbs name is known throughout the kitchenware industry for the stylish and vibrant design of their products. One of their most attractive and popular product duos is the Heritage kettle and toaster collection. These products have been flying off the shelves here at Dunelm Mill mainly due to the sleek and stylish design of these products. They really stand out from other more traditional kettles and toasters that are often made of white plastic or silver coloured metal. These products are available in a range of colours that can either complement the look of your kitchen decor or act as accentuating pieces to an existing neutral style.

The practicality of the Russell Hobbs products cannot be overlooked. This brand of kitchenware provide some of the most useful and practical everyday products. From kettles to irons, toasters to bread makers, our range of Russell Hobbs products will totally kit out your kitchen in one fell swoop. Every household has at least a kettle, but the type and design of kettle you choose can really help your personality to shine through in the kitchen. If you want to add a splash of colour to your kitchen without it costing the world or taking up too much of your precious spare time then a red Heritage kettle may be the perfect option. This kettle and toaster collection can really spruce up the overall look of your kitchen and can help to update the style of a tired looking kitchen.

With the present economy looking a bit gloomy we need to buy products that can sustain a bit of wear and tear and will last the test of time. That is one of the main benefits to our Russell Hobbs products. At Dunelm Mill we are exceptionally proud of the Russell Hobbs selection we have to offer and believe that the products truly stand for quality as well as value for money. Nowadays you can often find cheaper alternatives to big brand names but the quality rarely comes close. You may save some money initially, however, considering the number of times you may need to replace the product; it will almost definitely end up costing you more in the long run.

Russell Hobbs Product Care

Here at Dunelm Mill we are very proud of our Russell Hobbs range. Due to the variety of Russell Hobbs products we have available, the cleaning and care instructions can greatly vary. This is why each of our Russell Hobbs products is supplied with their very own product specific cleaning instructions. You should carefully follow these cleaning guidelines to help your Russell Hobbs product last for years to come.