Door Curtains Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Door curtains are a very useful everyday item, that not only block out any unwanted sunlight or draughts but also act as a fashionable addition to your home. Here at Dunelm Mill we’re very proud of our stunning range of door curtains and believe they are great value for money.

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Door Curtain Specifications

Curtains are characterised by the long draping fabric hanging from a pole or rail. The purpose of a door curtain is to keep out any pesky draughts that may sneak through your door or unwanted sunrays that may flood your room.This style of curtain, that is hung in doorways, is also commonly known as portieres and is a very popular item in the UK. Door curtains can have two main functions when it comes to controlling the amount of light that enters through your door. They can either be placed inside your doorway to restrict the amount of light that comes into your home, ideal for keeping your house dark at night time. Or alternatively, they can be used to prevent people seeing into your home when you have the lights on during the evening. Without this protection from your door curtain, the light from your home could illuminate you and your room to people outside and may lead to some unwanted attention from the neighbours!

Types of Door Curtains

There are numerous styles of door curtains available, the design that you choose for your doorway very much depends on the overall decor of your home. Consequently, there are many different aspects to consider when choosing your ideal door curtain.

Colour and Design
The colour and design that you choose for your door curtain is a very important aspect to consider when making a purchase. The range of door curtains that we have available at Dunelm Mill come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, so it’s important to get the perfect shade to match the décor of your home. Perhaps a good place to start is by deciding if you would like your door curtain to blend in with your existing home design or if you would like it to act as an accent piece in your room. A bold and plain colour can often help to add a real contrast to the rest of your room and act as a great focal point.

The material that you use for your door curtains are also of great importance to the overall look and feel of your room. Perhaps you want total darkness and increased draught protection, if this is the case then you need to opt for a thick and sturdy material that perhaps comes with an extra layer in the form a curtain lining. However, if you crave a door curtain more for the added style and colour that it can bring to your home, then perhaps a lighter weight material such as cotton would be more suitable. We have a wide range of materials available in our door curtain range here at Dunelm Mill so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home.

The size or your door curtain is a very important option for you to consider when making a purchase. If you want to completely block out all light and potential draughts from your door then you will need to opt for a longer door curtain with extra material at the bottom, this should ensure that the entire length and breadth of the door is covered. However, if these aspects aren’t the most important characteristics in door curtains then perhaps you should opt for a slightly shorter door curtain that just falls short of the floor, this will help to prevent the end of the door curtain becoming dirty or collecting unnecessary dust.

Door Curtain Care Instructions

All of our door curtains are composed of the highest quality materials. In order for your door curtains to stay looking their best they may need to be cleaned from time to time. Individual product specific cleaning instructions will be supplied with your door curtains.