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Seat pads are one of the many unsung heroes of the dining room furniture range. At first glance they may appear to be a small and perhaps unimportant addition to the dining set, however, the comfort, luxury and style that these small seat cushions can offer is unbeatable. The seat pads slip subtly on to most dining chairs and will provide an extra layer of comfort and padding to the seat, making the dining experience that little bit more plush and luxurious.

  1. The Purpose of a Seat Pad
  2. Different Types of Seat Pads
  3. Seat Pad Care Instructions
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The Purpose of a Seat Pad

The principal use of a seat pad is to provide an extra layer of padded comfort to a chair. Traditionally these small chair cushions were used on harder and more sturdy seating items such as a wooden chair, however, nowadays they are often found on a variety of different chairs. There are many different seat pads available on the market today and each offer a varying level of comfort and support; however a similarity that unites all of these styles of seat pads is often the fastening mechanism. The small flat styled cushions tend to dominate the base of the seat whilst two small laces are neatly tied behind the backs of the chair to ensure that the seat pad stays in the correct position during and after use.

Seat pads are also now commonly used as a fashion accessory in the dining room or kitchen. There is such a wide variety of colours and designs available that it is easy to add a burst of colour to your room and dining table without it having to cost a substantial amount of money. Many people purchase seat pads as they crave a slight update or modernisation of the table but don’t want to invest the time and money into purchasing a new dining table and chairs. Chair pads such as these are also popularly used as a way of increasing the comfort levels and style of older furniture to ensure that the chairs fit in with the overall style and decor of the home. Furthermore, these seat cushions can often be found in the home as complementary furnishing items that help to tie together the decor of the home, this can either be through the colour, style, pattern or shape of the seat pad.

Finally, seat pads are sometimes added to a normal dining chair to act as a slight bumper seat for children that are too old to sit in child-sized chairs whilst also being slightly too small for a normal chair. The touch of extra height that these cushions can offer will hopefully help children to sit comfortably at the table and avoid any spillages that may normally occur from reaching up to the table for their meals.

Different Types of Seat Pads

Seat pads are such a wide and varied product that there are numerous different versions available on the market today. Below are a few different types of seat pads that are popular with homes throughout the UK.

Vibrant Coloured Seat Pads
Brightly coloured seat pads are a popular choice throughout homes for people that wish to add a splash of colour to a room and update the design without spending a lot of money. A vibrant shade of seat pads are a fantastic way to add some colour to a room without it being overly dominating. They are also a great addition to a dinner table as they are often easily cleaned – an important aspect to consider especially where food and children are involved!

Patterned Seat Pads
A very popular patterned seat pad is the poppy collection. This flowery seat cushion range is available in a whole host of colours from purple poppies to a more traditional red poppy design. No matter which option you choose you’re sure to find the perfect patterned seat pad for your room. The poppy chair cushions are a great choice for a bright and airy kitchen table and chairs set. The freshness of the poppy pattern combined with the vibrant colours make them a refreshing addition to any home.

Traditional Seat Pads
Seat pads have been around for many years and consequently the design and style of these cushions have vastly changed. As with all products that are in existence for many years, the designs must be updated in order to meet demand of the modern day shopper. However, that does not mean that the traditional and classic seat pad design is no longer required. The class and opulence that is emulated from a traditional home is one of pure style and so consequently there is still a demand for a classically styled seat pad.

Seat Pad Care Instructions

Due to the nature of the seat pad and the fact that they are regularly placed near to a substantial amount of food, the cleaning and care of these cushions are of vital importance. However, since there are many different varieties of seat pads available each cushion is accompanied by their own set of product specific care and cleaning instructions to help ensure your seating pad stays looking it’s best for longer.