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Dining Chairs Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Here at Dunelm Mill we offer a stunning and varied collection of dining room chairs. From classic wood to stylish leather you’re sure to find the ideal dining chair for your home. Dining room chairs are often considered to be the perfect complementary product to your table. They can either subtly blend in with your existing décor or act as a focal and centralised accent piece to your dining room. Whatever their purpose in the home, you’re sure to find your ideal chairs in our beautiful Dunelm Mill collection. With the rise in popularity of dinner parties, the desire to have the perfect stylish dining room setting has evolved. The most beautifully decorated dining room can rival even the most exclusive of restaurants. If you start your dining room decoration with a stylish table it will be help you to see which design of dining chairs will suit your room best, be it leather, suede or wood.

  1. Dining Chair Specifications
  2. Types of Dining Chairs
  3. Dining Chair Care Instructions
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Dining Chair Specifications

As with all traditional items of furniture, every item will have characteristics in common. The dining chair is no different. The chair is basically known as a raised flat surface used for one person to sit on, often during meal times. Dining chairs are often supported by four equally separated legs with a high back to support the weight of your body. Dining room chairs often differ slightly from a traditional chair as they can sometimes have two armrests. These armrests are often put in place to ease the comfort of your seat during those long and enjoyable dinner parties. Traditionally it was only the head of the table that enjoyed such a luxurious dining chair but nowadays they can be commonly seen at all positions of the dining table.

Types of Dining Chairs

As we have already stated there are several different types of dining chairs available, different sizes, shapes and materials. The comfort and general feel of your chair will depend on the type of material that you choose. Often a leather based material is slightly padded and can created optimum comfort levels for your diners.

Classic Wooden Dining Chairs
A wooden featured dining chair can really help to add a hint of classic style to your dining room ensemble.Our beautiful collection of wooden dining chairs can help to create the ideal traditional look to your home, solid and reliable this design of dining room chairs is perfect for those long and enjoyable dinner parties. Our stunning range of wooden chairs is sturdy and very easy to care for, making them the perfect choice for a busy family home. These subtle wooden chairs are the ideal option if you would like some dining seats that will blend in with and complement your existing décor. These chairs will look perfectly charming when teamed with a wooden dining table and neutral background. The durability and strength of this type of material will mean that this dining table should last the test of time and provide you with style and functionality for many a dinner party.

Leather Dining Chairs
Our stunning range of leather dining chairs are the height of fashion and will add a touch of chic class to any dining room. These leather look chairs are the perfect centrepiece to your room and will look ideal teamed with a simple wooden table. Not only are these leather dining chairs the ultimate in dining style but also they are one of the most comfortable seating ranges available for the dining room. The padded seat and high back makes these chairs the ultimate in dining luxury. These dining chairs are also built with strength and durability in mind, so are perfect for a well-used dining space or family home.

Country Style Dining Chairs
Country chic is quickly becoming one of the most popular interior design styles in the UK. This popularity is mirrored in the country collections that are now availabe for dining room furniture. Combining the wooden legs with a solid white painted seat cover helps to add splash of the country to your room. The best approach is to pick a key item of furniture for your dining room, such as your table and work the design around this focal piece of furniture. The addition of a selected few wooden furniture items will accompany your country style table perfectly. Our beautiful range of country style dining chairs will help to add a feeling of rustic charm to your dining room.

Extendable Dining Chairs
If the style and design of your home leans more towards a classic and traditional décor then we have the perfect dining chair for you. The ornate features of our beautiful traditional dining chair will send you back to days gone by with a touch of royal luxury combined with a splash of modern design. This collection of chairs ooze style and decadence with their carefully crafted woodwork and quality linen style material. The practicality of this style of chair is endless, designed to be used in the dining room, this chair wouldn’t look out of place as a stand along piece in a dressing room or bedroom.

Dining Chair Care Instructions

All of our dining chairs are built to last the test of time. Made from only the best products, these chairs are built to last for years to come, however from time to time they may need to be cleaned to keep them looking their best. Individual product specific cleaning instructions will be available with your dining chairs.