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Brabantia is a household name and is synonymous with quality. The products that you will find in our Brabantia collection are mainly based around practicality and everyday ‘must haves.’ When it comes to products that you use on a daily basis, they need to be hardwearing and made to last. This is where our range of Brabantia products can really shine.

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Why do we sell Brabantia Products

Here at Dunelm Mill we take great pride in selecting the very best products, be that from a leading brand such as Morphy Richards or even our very own brand, we always ensure that the products we have on offer are of an exceptionally high quality and always at an agreeable price. This is also true of our Brabantia collection. We have a varied range of Brabantia products from sturdy rotary airers to quality dustbins; you’ll be able to turn your home into a haven of all things practical. It is precisely these everyday products that demand a certain level of quality. They will be used on a daily basis for very practical purposes and so consequently they will need to be hardwearing, sturdy and able to withstand regular use. This is why we stock Brabantia products as we believe the quality corresponds perfectly to the patterns of use required for these types of products.

Our Favourite Brabantia Products

Our sleek range of Brabantia bins are composed of stainless steel, making this product not only hardwearing but also stylish and easy to clean. These dustbins come in a range of finishes such as matt steel or purely our standard shiny stainless steel. Rubbish is one of the most unsightly household items, which is why it is important to get a sleek and stylish dustbin to contain your waste. Our range of Brabantia dustbins are perfect for a busy family home, available in either 50L or 30L means that they won’t be constantly over spilling. The touch lid rising mechanism means that it is easy to use even when you have your hands full. The practicality of this product is further highlighted with the use of its dampened hinge, avoiding any noisy rattling when closing the lid. Further to this, is the bin’s easy grip handles making it easier to remove the inside bucket for disposal of your waste. The majority of these Brabantia dustbins come with a 10 year guarantee.

At Dunelm Mill, our collection of Brabantia airers is quite varied, from rotary airers to drying rack airers you’ll find the perfect options for your home. Our range of Brabantia rotary airers are very popular items to find in the garden, a wonderful way to dry and air your clothes leaving them smelling fresh and clean. Our garden washing lines are also a great alternative to tumble drying, helping you to save money on your electricity bill whilst also being more environmentally friendly. This range of rotary airers is very easy to use with 3 different height fixings available to suit your individual requirements. To keep your rotary airer looking great and in top working condition we have a range of airer covers that will complement your product perfectly. The selection of Brabantia drying racks and clothes horses that we stock, function in a very similar way to that of a rotary airer. The main difference with this kind of drying mechanism is that it can be used in the home if the weather is poor or you have limited outdoor space.

Ironing Boards
An ironing board is a household necessity, love it or hate it everyone needs to iron at some point. Having a good and reliable ironing board is a must for a busy family home. Our range of Brabantia ironing boards is composed of a sturdy ‘T’ leg design to ensure the stability of the board as well as a robust iron rest area to place your iron on between garments. One of the main attractions for parents with our Brabantia ironing boards is the child lock facility; this ensures that the board won’t suddenly collapse if nudged by one of your little ones.

Brabantia Product Care

Here at Dunelm Mill we stock a variety of the highest quality Brabantia products. We strongly believe in the value and quality of these products and that is why we are proud to offer them as part of our product selection. Each of our Brabantia products come with product specific cleaning and care instructions. These cleaning guidelines must be carefully followed to ensure that your product lasts for years to come.