Our vast range of quilts enables you to find the perfect bedding accompaniment depending on your specific requirements.

Our highly luxurious Hungarian goose down quilts are the ultimate quilt for your bed, an extremely light composition yet sumptuously warm feel make them a favourite amongst people who really value their rest.

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The great fill power and high cotton thread count covers ensure that you are experiencing the pinnacle of comfort with no compromise encountered. Alternatively, our duck down quilts provide a similarly opulent night’s rest, slightly heavier than goose down and therefore would suit anyone who prefers a sturdier feel when slipping underneath the sheets.

Alongside our natural quilts, we do also offer synthetic products. The benefit of these is that they can create your ideal thickness and cosiness, such as the one tog quilt that will keep you effortlessly cool on warm summer evenings. Our kids quilt starter kits are the ideal way to begin to introduce your child into a normal bed over their cot that they have become accustomed to. However, if they are not quite ready for that stage yet, then our cot quilts will provide all the warmth and support your small child will need. With the large majority of our quilts being machine washable, you can restore their freshness at any time. Available to purchase online today, our quilts give you the best chance of a wonderful night’s sleep.

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