Patons Wool

The high quality essential for your knitting kit

A fantastic choice of yarn which is ideally suited for a wide range of crafts and creative projects, Patons is a reliable brand that will produce a quality finish. Patons wool will supply you with the perfect tool to knit whatever you may desire, its durable qualities are ideally created to assist in the production of a range of different products, including clothes, toys and home accessories.

More information about patons wool

Available in a beautiful array of colours and shades, just right for creating decorative items such as covers and throws. Patons yarn is ideal for crafting charming and unique gift ideas, it is a great material choice when making and designing clothes for a newborn baby or small child, our pink and blue shades can create a perfect celebratory gift!  As well as being a fantastic material option for baby and adult clothes. Our soft and chunky yarn will create fabulous cushion covers and snug blankets, giving your bedroom a touch of personal and unique character, whilst making your bed an ultra cosy environment to snuggle down into.

Our wide selection of Patons yarn is a wonderful choice of wool for both experienced and novice knitters, whatever your project may be Patons wool is a great starting point for creating fun and exciting home crafted designs!

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