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The Dorma brand is synonymous with quality and style. There are many Dorma bedding items available on the market today from bed sheets to duvet covers and everything in-between. No matter which Dorma item you select, the quality of composition and material used will be immediately noticeable when compared with other cheaper designs. Dorma sheets are a great investment as not only is the material durable and hardwearing but they will also add that extra touch of luxury to your bed.

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  2. Aspects to consider when purchasing a Dorma sheet
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Benefits of a Dorma sheet

Dorma bed sheets will be a very luxurious and comfortable addition to your bedding set. Traditionally composed of a very high thread count, these quality bed sheets will help to increase the comfort levels of your sleep. The high quality material will also mean that the sheets will be hardwearing thus potentially lasting for longer than cheaper imitations.

Dorma sheets are available in a wide variety of different colours, from pinks to creams and everything in-between. Whether you desire a sheet that contrasts with your existing bedding set or prefer a more complementary shade there are plenty of options available in the Dorma bed sheet range. Whichever style and colour you require you can be sure to have a durable and luxurious bedding addition.

The price of a Dorma bed sheet is often a touch higher than an average bedding equivalent, however, the quality of the Dorma version is second to none. The high thread count on these sheets add a touch of quality and style to the bedding whilst the depth of material will help to add that hint of pure luxury to your bed times.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a Dorma sheet

Perhaps the first aspect to consider when looking to purchase a Dorma bed sheet is the size required. There are many different size options available on the market today from single to double, king size and even super king size. It is important that you know the exact dimensions of your mattress to help ensure you purchase the correct sized sheet for your needs.

The design of the bed sheet is also an important consideration. Many people prefer a flat sheet which will essentially look like a flat rectangular piece of material allowing the user to tuck the sheet under and use a ‘hospital corners’ approach to making the bed. However, another option includes elasticised corners that will neatly tuck underneath the four edges of the mattress and stay in place through the tension of the elastic.

Dorma sheet care instructions

Dorma sheets are a very luxurious and high quality product; consequently it is important that they are cared for in the correct way. Each of our Dorma sheets are accompanied by some product specific care and cleaning instructions to help keep your sheets looking their best for many years to come.