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Here at Dunelm Mill we offer a beautiful range of dining room tables. From classic oak to country chic you’re sure to find the perfect look for your home. A dining room table is often considered to be a very important purchase, it’s the centre piece of your room and the focal point for many an enjoyable meal with friends and family. Over the past few years dinner parties have really become a fashionable past time with an emphasis on the importance of homemade food and the economic benefits of choosing to eat at home rather than in a restaurant. All of these factors make it vital to have the perfect atmosphere and design in your dining room, this is where your choice of dining table can really impact the whole look and feel of your room.

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Dining Table Specifications

Dining tables are available in a wide range of shapes, materials and sizes. The style and design that you choose will be heavily dependent upon the purpose and room that you will use for your table. Every dining table is composed of a flat and sturdy top with four strong and equally spaced legs. However, that is where the similarities between dining table designs ends. The style and material of the top section of the table can vary greatly; from solid wood to glass, the choice is endless. The material that you choose for your dining table very much depends on the design and look of your room. If you prefer a modern and sleek design then glass could be the perfect option, however, if a classic and traditional look is more your style then you may find the solid wood table is the perfect solution. Tables often come in a variety of sizes to suit and match all different shaped dining rooms. However, often a more practical option is to purchase a dining table that can be adjusted in size, allowing you to invite as many people over for dinner as you wish!

Types of Dining Tables

When redesigning your dining room, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. Often the easiest way to decide is by choosing your largest piece of furniture first, this is usually the dining table and is often the item of furniture that will dominate your room. There are many different styles and materials to choose from depending on what style, look and budget you are working to. Below are listed a few of our most popular dining table ranges.

Classic Wooden Dining Table
A top quality solid wooden dining table can really help to add a touch of style and class to your dining room. Our stunning range of mango wood dining tables can help to create the perfect traditional look to your home, solid and hardwearing this style of dining room table is perfect for those fun packed dinner parties. The durability and strength of this type of material will mean that this dining table should last you for years to come. However, when purchasing a dining room table there are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Due to the nature and style of wood, no two tables will be identical, differences often occur within the wood due to the traditional characteristics of mango wood; colour, grain and durability. Mango wood and other hardwearing wood types are often considered to be preferred materials for dining room tables, this is mainly due to their hardwearing and durable properties as well as the classic style that is emitted from such a material. However, it is important to consider that wooden tables and wooden furniture in general can sometimes be affected by temperature and so should not be placed directly in front of an open fire or directly on underground heating.

Butterfly Dining Tables
Our stunning collection of butterfly tables are the perfect addition to any home. The flexibility of this table is one of the product’s main attractions. This stunning oval table will provide you with a full sized dining table to entertain friends and family and can fold down to a manageable compact size when not in use. This design of table is very popular with homes that may be slightly limited on space, so whether you’re having a small family meal or a large dinner party this table will be the ideal choice. Our rubberwood butterfly dining tables often come complete with four matching dining room chairs, meaning you’ll be ready to entertain any guests from the word go. Furthermore the unique style and design of these beautiful butterfly dining tables means that they will effortlessly blend into most decors without looking out of place or too overpowering. Due to the durability and effortless functionality of this table you will often find that when not in use as a dining table it can be doubled up as a desk to work at or a table for your kids to do their homework or drawing.

Country Style Dining Tables
With the rise of country chic hitting the nation, there is no surprise that this style has begun to appear in the dining rooms of some of the most fashion conscious homes. This country kitch style is sweeping the nation and you can see why. The contrast of white legs and a solid natural wood tops mean that these stylish tables add a beautiful sense of the country to your home. The country design is all about simplicity, it would be easy to overdo the country trend and make it look more tacky that chic. We believe that the best approach is to pick a key item of furniture for your dining room, such as your table and work around that. Try adding in some plain wooden furniture to accompany your country style table and paint your walls a lovely plain natural shade. Our beautiful range of country style furniture will add a touch of rustic charm to your home, crafted with the uppermost care these items truly display a look of quality and pure class.

Extendable Dining Tables
Space can often be an issue when looking to buy the perfect dining table. You don’t want a table so small that everybody will be squashed together however you also don’t want a table that is so big you can’t fit anything else into the room. This is where an extendable dining table comes into its own. The functionality of the product means that if you have a larger group of people coming over for your dinner party then all you need to do is simply pull the two ends of the table apart and add in the extra section and voila the perfect sized dinner table. This also works in reverse if you are wanting to make the table smaller to store away or just feed the kids. This design of extendable dining table is available in many different styles, from plain classic wood to rustic country styles; you’ll find the perfect look for your home.

Dining Table Care Instructions

All of our dining tables are built to last the test of time. To ensure that they stay looking their best for years to come it is vital that they are cleaned on a regular occasion. Often a light dust will suffice; however, if any stains or marks appear on the table then these must be removed immediately to stop them affecting the whole look of the wood. Individual product specific cleaning instructions will be available with your table.