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Furniture is one of the most essential homeware items that you can possess. It is fundamentally the basis and core product that is present throughout every room in the home. Whether it is the focal point in the bedroom or as a storage device in the bathroom, you’d be hard pushed to find a room that requires no furniture at all. Even in the most minimalistic styled homes often the only items present are ones of furniture, such as a coffee table or lounge seat. The options for furniture products are truly endless; this guide is designed to give you a bit more detail on the options available in this vast market.

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Types of Furniture

There are many different types of furniture available on the market today in a variety of styles and price ranges. A popular way to shop for furniture nowadays is to search for products by room type. With this in mind, below is a list of the most common room types and their key furniture products.

Bedroom Furniture
The main furniture piece found in a bedroom is obviously a bed. Beds, bedsteads and mattresses are some of the most in-demand bedroom furniture items. This is no revelation; however, the style, design and range available can often be a pleasant surprise. A good approach for choosing the ideal bed for your home is to first select a bedstead and then decide upon a suitable mattress. The reason for this is that bedsteads tend to come in many different styles and sizes and so it is important that the mattress you choose will be a suitable complimentary product to your selected bed base. When choosing the bed base there are many different options to decide upon, from style to material and size. Here at Dunelm Mill we are very proud of our fabulous range of vintage inspired bedsteads, available in a shabby chic white, or alternatively the ornate bed frames are available in wood or metal, the perfect way to create a vintage feel to your bedroom. However, if your bedroom has more of a traditional feel then the oak wood bed frames are the ideal choice. The headboards that often accompany this style of bed are slatted and provide a strong level of support, ideal for leaning against whilst reading or supping on a hot cup of tea. The dark colour of this wood will create a classic look of decadence to your room and will act as a glamorous focal point to your bedroom. Our range of wooden bed bases are of the highest quality and are reassuringly strong and sturdy helping the bed last for years to come. However, style is not the only consideration when purchasing a bed; the size is often a key selling point. If you crave a large and ornate bed for your room then a double or king size bed will be the perfect option, alternatively if you are slightly short on space then perhaps a single or small double would be more appropriate.

Often a fantastic complimentary product to a bed is a bedside table. These products are perfect for resting a book or early morning cup of tea and will reduce the risk of any spillages that can occur from placing a drink on the floor and subsequently forgetting about it! Bedside tables are available in a wide range of styles and can come as a matching pair, to be placed at either side of the bed, or alternatively as a single unit if space is at a premium. Bedside tables are often doubled up as an extra storage unit and can be used to store books or handy bedside items such as medication or tissues. At Dunelm Mill we offer a range of bedside tables, many of which can be matched up to our bedsteads in order to create a harmonised bed and table set.

Living Room Furniture
The living room is perhaps the room in the house that contains the highest amount of furniture items. The key pieces would seem to be seating. Whether you opt for a large 3 seater sofa collection or a selection of contemporary and stylish tub chairs the options available on the furniture market are endless. With the rise in popularity of vintage fashion has come a great demand for Antoinette chairs. These chairs are the perfect addition to a shabby chic inspired lounge and would make the ideal reading chair. Effortlessly stylish these chairs will make a real talking piece in your room.

Another living room essential is the coffee table. These low lying practical tables have become a necessity in most lounges. They help to pull together the entire room and act as a focal point for socialising and relaxing. Coffee tables are predominantly a practical product and can be used to rest hot tea cups or a pile of magazines. Coffee tables also have the ability to make your room look more homely and lived in with the ability to neatly display a beautiful bunch of flowers or ambient candles. However, these tables are not just purely functional items. Coffee tables can make a real statement in your room and the material and style of the table can really bring out the look and feel of your room. Here at Dunelm Mill we are very proud of our wide range of coffee table designs, from country cottage to traditional oak you are sure to find the ideal table for your room.

Purpose of Furniture

There are various reasons that people purchase certain furniture pieces. Below is a list of some of the most common uses of these items of furniture.

Space Saving
A lack of space is an issue that most people are faced with when it comes to decorating and furnishing the home. A kitchen diner is a great example of this. Whilst many people would love the opportunity to have a large and elaborate dining table it’s not always practical. This is where a butterfly table becomes a great addition to the home. Its extendable sides mean that it can be opened up to seat many people or alternatively, neatly folded away in the corner when not in use. There are many other space saving furniture items found throughout homes in the UK such as a coat rack secured to the wall in place of a traditional coat stand.

Style is perhaps one of the biggest considerations when it comes to selecting furniture products. A perfect example of this is the Dunelm Mill gas lift bar stools. These chairs are available in a range of vibrant colours, perfect for adding a splash of colour to any kitchen. As always with stylish products they must also have a side of functionality, greatly demonstrated with these stools as they can be used to seat many people round a breakfast bar and will easily adjust to suit the height of the individual using it.

In today’s economic climate it is vital that the price of the furniture item is taken into consideration. On today’s market there is a wide variety of furniture products available in a range of prices. Here at Dunelm Mill we are very proud of our day bed. This furniture product is a great investment as it will act as a quaint little bed for a young girl or fabulous alternative to a guest bed whilst being transformed into a vintage inspired sofa during the day. This multipurpose bed will mean that those extra pennies can be spent elsewhere round the house or perhaps on some beautiful complimentary bedding.

Furniture Care Instructions

There are many different types of furniture available to buy at Dunelm Mill and the care and cleaning required for each item will vary. This is why it is important to directly follow the product specific instructions which are supplied with each furniture item.