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Dressing tables are a beautiful luxurious furniture item. There’s nothing quite like sitting at a dressing table and applying your makeup or adjusting your hair. In fact, there’s something about dressing tables that takes you back in time to an almost Victorian period where ladies would spend hours sat at a dressing table preparing for a banquet of honours in the great hall. However, nowadays dressing tables are not just for the insanely rich, they can often be found in many a bedroom in the UK. Not only do they create a place for ladies to get ready but they also double up as a place to store or display many a beauty item.

  1. History of the Dressing Table
  2. Types of Dressing Tables
  3. Dressing Table Care Instructions
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History of the Dressing Table

Dressing tables are also commonly referred to as vanity tables, the name reflecting the use and general purpose of the table. Dressing tables are generally typified by the small table with one or more sliding draws. Often these tables will be accompanied by a built in mirror or space to place a large detachable mirror. Dressing tables first became popular in the UK in the 18th century, these original tables were often also used as a simple side tables when the mirror was not present. Theses dressing tables were originally made of solid wood and often had ornate features inscribed into the legs of the table helping to create a look of pure class and luxury. During the 18th century, dressing tables were not in wide circulation and so consequently if you possessed such an item then you were thought to be rich and live a wealthy and privileged lifestyle.

Types of Dressing Tables

Mirrored Dressing Tables
Here at Dunelm Mill we have a fantastic range of mirrored furniture from mirrored bedside tables to mirrored wardrobes. However, perhaps our most ornate and consequently popular item in this furniture collection is the mirrored dressing table. Mirrored furniture is characterised by its entire body of the product being made of a mirrored type material. This mirrored material will reflect light all around your room giving it a sense of light and space. Mirrored dressing tables are often purchased as part of a set to complement other mirrored furniture items, however, they will also look wonderful as a standalone piece and will really help to draw your eye to focus on this particular item.

Wooden Dressing Tables
Wooden dressing tables are perhaps more of a traditional style dressing table. The solid and sturdy properties of a wooden dressing table will mean that this item of furniture should be able to withstand some wear and tear and hopefully keep looking it’s best for years to come. As with all wooden furniture there will often be very little cleaning required, sometimes a light dust will suffice. However, if any stains or spills appear on the wood always consult the cleaning instructions supplied with the product.

White Dressing Tables
In recent years the popularity for white furniture has grown massively. With an increase in demand for the shabby chic look has come a great range of vintage inspired white dressing tables as well as other white based furniture items. A white dressing table will always look beautiful in a master bedroom and will help to instantly update the style and décor of the room. It is important to consider the size and shape of your bedroom before purchasing the dressing table and there needs to be enough space to place a small stool in front of the table and have the ability to sit comfortably at the stool.

Dressing Table Care Instructions

There are many different varieties of dressing tables available and so consequently each dressing table design will be made from a different type of material This will therefore mean that there is no single rule for caring for your dressing table. This is why each of our dressing tables are accompanied by a product specific care and cleaning instruction manual.