Blackout Roller Blinds

An ideal addition to a kitchen or bedroom, our blackout roller blinds stop any unwanted light from penetrating your home or escaping out.

The unbeatable light exclusion a blackout lining brings helps to prevent sleep disturbances from streetlights and early summer sunrises, or cut out low suns in both summer and winter when working in your kitchen. Our easy to install blackout roller blinds can be cut to your ideal width so they fit snugly in your windows and exclude as much light as possible. Safety is always on our minds so our blinds all come with a cleat that keeps loose cords away from pets and children.

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Choose from a range of different patterns and textures to truly suit your existing decor, or coordinate with our fabulous collections to create a truly customised look. Add extra convenience and style to your room and be amazed at how dark your room is at night. Wake up refreshed after having a night’s sleep without disturbances and wonder why you didn’t have these sooner.

Available to purchase online today, our extensive range of blackout roller blinds will last for a long time, providing you with night after night of soothing sleep.

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