Mirror Dressing Table

The term dressing table goes hand in hand with that of a mirror, after all, a dressing table is traditionally a place for a lady to sit and apply her makeup and style her hair, none of which would be accomplished in a very smooth manner without the use of a mirror.

With space at a minimum nowadays, dressing tables are often considered to be somewhat of a luxury item, however if you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom, then a mirror and table combination are a must. There are some beautiful dressing tables available on the market today, and here at Dunelm Mill we’re extremely proud to offer a wide range of dressing table options.

One of our most popular ranges is the vintage styled shabby chic range which encompasses the latest trend in distressed wood whilst still maintaining the practicality of a dressing table and table topped mirror set. We also offer a stunning collection of mirrored furniture which includes a mirrored dressing table. This product is extremely fashionable and considered to be a highly considered and fashionable product. The addition of a mirror to the dressing table unit, whether it be as a table top mirror or as the actual material, the room will benefit from a sense of increased light and space due to the reflective properties of the mirror.