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Curtains are made up of two pieces of material which are of equal size and will sit parallel to one another. The curtain fabric will generally hang from a pole or track and can be either pulled to the side of a window frame or alternatively pulled together to form a neat join in the middle of the window. There are many different curtains available on the market today, each with their own style and design, the material is a key aspect that will help to create that perfect unique look at your windows.

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Curtain fabric specifications

The curtain fabric that you choose will very much depend on the qualities that you require from the material. If you crave a vibrant and stylish look at your window then the pattern and colour are two very important aspects to consider. However, if the curtain is destined for a child’s bedroom then perhaps the quality of the lining is the most vital characteristic to contemplate, there are many different fabrics available in a blackout lining which help to block out any unwanted sunrays from entering the room. Finally, the thickness of the material is often most important, curtain fabric is popularly selected on its ability to keep out any unwanted draughts especially when looking for a curtain to fit a large window, consequently a fully lined material type might be the perfect solution.

Types of curtain fabric

Unlined curtain fabric
Traditionally all curtain material was available in an unlined format. The material was therefore rather thin and offered little or no protection against cold draughts and sunlight. However, this type of material is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your home without it costing too much. Furthermore, unlined fabric is the ideal accompaniment to a blind, the curtain can act as a stylish window dressing whilst the blind will work to block out any excess light or draughts from seeping into the home.

Lined curtain fabric
Lined curtain material will offer you a slightly thicker and more luxurious looking curtain. The additional layer of lining on the fabric will help it to not only hang better at your window, due to the additional weight of the material, but also help to reduce the level of cold draughts that enter your home. Lined curtain material is popularly available in many different styles, designs and colours and so consequently should be a suitable option for most homes and decors.

Blackout curtain fabric
Blackout curtain fabric is perhaps the highest quality and most luxurious type of material available on the market. This lining type is often popular in bedrooms around the UK. The blackout curtain material is a fantastic way of allowing natural light to flood a room when required during the day, whilst also having the option of plunging the room into total darkness come bedtime. This blackout fabric is commonly used in children’s bedrooms when darkness might be required even when the sun is still shining. The extra layer of fabric will also help the curtain to hang better at the window due to the additional weight that this fabric will hold.

Purpose of curtain fabric

Fabric is an essential composite of a pair of curtains. The material can be purchased by the meter and made into a lovely set of curtains or a blind if you are handy with a needle and thread. Alternatively, why not choose your favourite fabric and opt for our Dunelm Mill made to measure service, taking all the stress and time out of making the curtains at home. This will also help to ensure that you have the exact fabric to match your requirements whilst knowing that the selected drapes will perfectly fit your window.

Curtain fabric care instructions

Curtain fabric is available in a whole host of different material types and so consequently the cleaning and care instructions can vary. This is why each of our curtain fabric products are accompanied by a set of cleaning instructions to help keep your material looking great for many years to come.