Dark Wood Furniture Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Dark wood furniture is a very luxurious and traditional style of home furnishing. Here at Dunelm Mill we are exceptionally proud of our dark wood furniture range, featuring a dark coloured wood with a contemporary design this style of furniture fuses the best of traditional and modern design.

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Why Choose Dark Wood Furniture?

The addition of a dark wood piece of furniture will bring with it a touch of elegance and luxury to your home. In today’s furniture market there are so many cheap imitation furniture options available that quality is often overlooked. However, by purchasing such a solid and luxurious looking product, the quality and excellence of your furniture item will really stand out, helping to create a look of pure class in your home. Our fantastic collection of dark wood furniture is available in a range of high quality wood from acacia to oak, meaning that these products are of the highest standards and should last for years to come.

It is often tempting to opt for a cheaper version than solid wood furniture, however, the wear and tear that some of these items receive, such as a bed or dinner table, mean that this furniture needs to be strong and sturdy; qualities that you don’t often get from cheaper furniture versions. The investment in a dark wood furniture product should be a serious consideration as although it may be quite a large outlay initially, the quality and standard of the product should mean that this product will last for many years.

Types of Dark Wood Furniture

The dark wood style is available for most types of furniture ranges and for most of the rooms in the house. So whether you crave a traditional and luxurious look in the bedroom or a sophisticated and classy touch to the living room, you’re sure to find your ideal furniture items in the dark wood collection.

Dark Wood Bookcases
Bookcases are perhaps the most popular furniture item that is available in a dark wood. The purpose of a bookcase means that it needs to be strong and sturdy in order to securely hold many books or ornaments. These are both qualities that the dark wood furniture items benefit from; however, fashion will always play a role when it comes to home furnishings. With this in mind it becomes vital to consider the look and style of the piece, not only does the bookcase need to match the decor of the rest of the room but it may also be important to complement other items of furniture in the home. The benefit of a dark wood bookcase is that the colour and style is pretty simple so should match in nicely with most existing furnishings.

Dark Wood Coffee Table
Another classic wooden furniture item is the dark wood coffee table. This product would be a wonderful complementary product to the dark wood bookcase and would help to pull the design and style of the room together. Coffee tables are traditionally made of solid wood and need to be sturdy. There are many reasons for this, which seem to resonate around the fact that they are such multifunctional furniture items. People often just use the coffee table as a place to position a selection of magazines or rest their hot cup of coffee. However, they are also commonly used as a replacement for a footstool or place to perch when there isn’t adequate seating available, at a family gathering or something similar. These are just a few examples of the requirements demanded of an average coffee table, so it seems evident why these furniture items are sturdy and hardwearing. These are just some of the best qualities of the dark wood coffee table, alongside the obvious style and luxurious design.

Dark Wood Bed
There are many different types of beds on the market today however; it is often argued that the highest quality and most hardwearing styles are those made of solid wood. That is why; here at Dunelm Mill, we offer a wide range of wooden based bedsteads in a range of different styles and designs. However, the colour of wood that you choose can make all the difference to the overall look and feel of your room. The dark wood bed frames often add a touch of grandeur and class to a bedroom and will definitely act as a focal point to your room. Dark wood beds are often considered as quite an investment and so are more commonly used in the master bedroom as opposed to a guest bed or in a child’s room.

Dark Wood Furniture Care Instructions

There are many different furniture items incorporated in the dark wood furniture range, consequently there are various ways in which to care for your dark wood furniture product. With this in mind all of our dark wood furniture items are accompanied with some product specific care and cleaning instructions.