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Lamp shades are a fantastic invention. They have the ability to instantly transform the harsh and bright beam of a light bulb into a soft and calming gleam, helping you to create a perfect relaxed atmosphere. Lamp shades are placed over a bare light bulb and are used to deflect and diffuse the light rays. Lamp shades can be used with all manner of different lights; however the most popular styles are ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps.

  1. What is a Lamp Shade?
  2. The History of Lamp Shades
  3. Important Aspects to Consider When Purchasing a Lamp Shade
  4. Lamp Shade Care Instructions
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What is a Lamp Shade?

A lamp shade is in essence a piece of material that covers a naked light bulb. Lamp shades are available in a range of sizes, colours and designs, the style of lamp shade that you choose for your home will very much depend on the look that you hope to achieve in your room. The principal function of a lamp shade is to reduce the amount of glare that is projected into a room from a light bulb. Whilst this is the main purpose of a lamp shade, other key benefits have grown from this product, such as the importance of creating a more relaxed and calming atmosphere.

The History of Lamp Shades

A form of lamp shade has been in existence since medieval times. Originally streets were lit by oil lamps on which a metal cover was placed to direct the rays of light towards the street below. This type of lighting was eventually replaced by gas lighting; however these lighting fixtures were still accompanied by a lamp cover to direct the light to the people beneath. Ultimately, electric lighting was introduced as the main way to light the streets of Britain, with this new lighting technology came the model of street lamp shades that we know today. From this point forward, the traditional style of lamp shade which we now see throughout Britain, were introduced into the homewares market. As time has passed and fashions have changed, the design of the lamp shade has altered. From floral tassels, to metallic prints, neutral shades to cartoon characters, lamp shades have adapted to follow every trend. However, amongst all of this change, the principal characteristics of the lamp shade have remained consistent, no matter how elaborate the lamp shade design has become, the functionality still follows that of the very early light covers. No matter what the trend, the practicality of these products still reigns.

Important Aspects to Consider when Purchasing a Lamp Shade

Lamp shades have the possibility to totally transform not only the look and design of your room but also the atmosphere. As already mentioned, lamp shades are available in a multitude of colours, designs and sizes; consequently, it’s highly likely that you will be able to locate the perfect lamp shade for your home and decor. However, although the style and design of your lamp shade is obviously of great importance, the level of light that the shade emits cannot be underestimated. The size and shape of your lamp covering will offer varying amounts of light into your room. If you desire your room to be well lit whilst maintaining that soft relaxed lighting feel then perhaps the best option for you would be a large, wide lamp shade, this will allow a maximum amount of light to escape from the shade whilst still controlling the brightness of the rays. If a more subtle lighting level is what you crave then a possible solution would be to have a pair of lamps with small and narrow lamp shades.

Lamp Shade Care Instructions

Lamp shades are a very low maintenance product. As with all of our lighting fixtures, a light dust is often all that is needed. However, as all of our lamp shades are made from different materials with different designs we provide product specific cleaning instructions to help keep your lamp shade looking it’s best for years to come.