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Curtain poles might not be the first thing that you consider when buying curtains, however the importance of this product must not be underestimated. The impact that a beautiful curtain pole can make on the overall look of your curtains is astounding. With so many different curtain pole styles to choose from, you will be surprised at how many different options you have!

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Curtain poles and tracks

Here at Dunelm we have a variety of different curtain poles and tracks to complement your curtains. Each different style and design have individual benefits, so choosing the correct option is essential in order to create the perfect finish to your curtains.

Wooden curtain poles
If your style is classic and sophisticated then a wooden curtain pole may be the perfect choice for your home. Wooden curtain poles complement tab top curtains perfectly. The style of this heading allows the pole to be a real feature of your curtains. This highlights the importance of choosing the right style of curtain pole for your decor. Our wooden curtain poles are available in a variety of different shades; beech, cream, mid oak and white. The strength of your curtain pole is also a consideration. If the curtains that you have chosen are large thermal lining curtains then you will need a curtain pole that can hold a substantial weight. At Dunelm we have a wide variety of different strength and sized curtain poles available.

Metal curtain poles
Metal curtain poles create a very modern and stylish look to your home. The sleek and simple design of these curtain poles makes them the perfect choice for a contemporary minimalistic look. Metal curtain poles complement eyelet curtains perfectly as they allow the metal edged holes to smoothly glide across the curtain pole. Here at Dunelm we have a wide variety of metal curtain poles in a range of sizes and a choice of four finishes. Our extensive range of curtain pole sizes makes them the perfect choice for any window, from a narrow bathroom window to a patio door. Many of our curtain poles are supplied with wall fixings making them easy and convenient to fit.

Curtain tracks
A curtain track is generally a more functional product than a curtain pole. However, if the curtain track is chosen correctly then they can transform the look of your curtains in an instant. Our curtain tracks are available in either plastic or metal and in a range of sizes. Curtain tracks are a perfect choice for tape top curtains.

Curtain accessories

Accessories can be added to your curtains to create a truly unique and personalised look. These come in the form of finials, tie-backs and wall holdbacks.

Curtain finials
Curtain pole accessories such as finials allow you to add a touch of personality to your curtain pole. Finials are fitted to either end of the curtain pole and are available in a range of styles and designs. Our curtain pole finials are available in several different materials; metal, stainless steel, acrylic, glass and wood.

Curtain tie-backs
Curtain tie-backs complement your curtains perfectly. Our tie-backs are available in a range of colours and fabrics to match the design of your curtains. Curtain tie-backs allow you to neatly position your curtains to the side of your windows in order to maintain an elegant and tidy look..

Wall holdbacks for curtains
Wall holdbacks for your curtains are in essence a practical product. They allow your tie-backs to be securely fastened to the wall, thus holding your curtains in their desired position. However, the design and look of your curtain holdback can be anything but practical, with a range of designs to choose from you'll be amazed at how the style of your holdback can add the perfect finishing touch to your curtains. Our curtain holdbacks are available in wood or metal and a multitude of sizes, styles and colours.