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Blinds are one of the most common window dressings found throughout homes in the UK. Whether you opt to use your blind as a standalone piece at your window or prefer to team it with a luxurious curtain, you’re sure to make a real statement of style and personality in your room. There are many different types and styles of blinds available each with their own unique style and functionalities. Take a look through this guide to discover the individual characteristics of the most popular blind types.

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Types of Blinds

Roller Blinds
Roller blinds are one of the most popular types of blinds on the market today. The flexibility of the blind makes them a much sought after product. Roll up blinds will suit all rooms, from bathrooms to lounges and are very popular in bedrooms. Roller blinds are an easy to use product that are a very effective means of blocking out any unwanted light rays during the evening but can also be pulled all the way to the top of the window frame during the daytime to allow the rays of sunshine to flood the room.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds are one of the most traditional and original types of blinds available today. They are a fantastic way of controlling the levels of light that are let into your room whilst still maintaining a decent level of privacy. Vertical blinds are popular in kitchens especially if this room is placed towards the front of the house where there is a chance of being overlooked by neighbours. These vertical slat blinds can be closed during the evening, blocking out any unwanted light or onlookers. During the daytime the slats can be tilted in order to let light stream into your room or alternatively pulled all the way across to sit at the side of your window pane, thus allowing you to appreciate the full value of your view.

Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are composed of two different types of material, either aluminium venetian blinds or wooden venetian blinds. Aluminium venetians are a very economical blind type and are available in a whole host of different colours. The wooden venetians are often considered to be a very luxurious and classy window blind and will create a subtle yet stylish look to your window. Both types of venetian blinds offer an easy to maintain approach as a light dust will often suffice. Furthermore the opening and closing mechanism that characterises this type of blind is also a very versatile and easy to use system as it will allow you to filter through as much or as little light as desired.

Benefits of Blinds

There are many benefits associated with blinds. One of the key characteristics of blinds in general is the versatility of the product. It is often possible to control the amount of light that shines into a room with the use of blind slats or tilting the angle of a blind, this is a key benefit that is missing from alternative window dressings, such as a pair of curtains. Furthermore a blind can be as subtle or vibrant as your require as there is a whole host of different colours, styles and designs available on the market today. Finally, blinds can often be a slightly more economical choice than curtains and so consequently you may be more inclined to update the colour or style of your blind on a more regular occasion, helping to keep your home looking and feeling up to date with the latest trends.

Blinds Care Instructions

Here at Dunelm Mill we offer a fabulous range of blinds, however the material and composition of these blinds will vastly vary, consequently there is no one single cleaning or care instructions for all of these blinds. However, we will provide individual product specific cleaning instruction with each blind purchased, helping to keep your blind looking its best for longer.