White Furniture Guide from Dunelm Mill

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White furniture is the latest trend in home furnishings. The style and design seems to have evolved from the country’s new found love of shabby chic and vintage inspired fashions. The addition of white furniture to the home will add a beautiful calm and serene feel whilst helping to create a sense of increased space and light. These products are suitable for any room and will perfectly match the look and feel of most homes.

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  2. Why Choose White Furniture?
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Styles of White Furniture

There are many different styles of white furniture available on the market today. Here at Dunelm Mill we are very proud of our range of white furniture, suitable for both the living room and bedroom. These white furniture items are some of our most popular ranges and we believe that they offer the chance to introduce a touch of contemporary style into the home without having to totally redecorate the room. Below is a list of some of our most popular styles.

Cottage Style White Furniture
Our wonderful range of white country style furniture really helps to create a rustic and organic feel to your home. Accompanied by a selection of woven sea grass baskets these furniture items are stylish as well as practical. Available in a whole host of styles, from white TV units to white sideboards, white coffee tables to white shoe benches, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you don’t want the vintage shabby chic look to take over your home, why not start with a centre piece such as a white coffee table that will hint at a vintage inspired style whilst still managing to subtly blend in with your existing decor. This style of white furniture is very useful for busy rooms such as the living room or dining room where space to keep little nicnacs is often at a premium. No one likes clutter and so these white cottage furniture items with their accompanying baskets can help to eradicate any excess mess or untidiness.

White Country Kitchen
The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and it’s easy to see why, many a meal is consumed here, the kid’s bake their first cup cakes and you sit down and catch up with friends over a lovely cup of tea. With this in mind, the kitchen is often a key room for renovation. The country kitch style has become very popular in recent years with a craving for a very rustic and natural feel to the kitchen. A popular selection from this beautiful country collection is that of the white extendable table. With a busy family life no one can accurately predict the day’s events, with kids, friends and family running around there may be an unexpected need to feed more mouths than expected come dinnertime. This is where this stunning white extendable table comes in handy. It will act as a beautiful centrepiece to your kitchen whilst dining and can also be folded up and stored in the corner when not in use. The beautiful white shades of this wood really help to add to the rustic qualities of the product and should help to give your kitchen that extra touch of cosiness.

Why Choose White Furniture?

There are many different furniture styles available on the market today and it can often be hard to select one style over another. The benefits of white furniture are endless; however, perhaps a key point for consideration is the effect that this item could have on the overall look of your room. By incorporating a piece of white furniture into your room, no matter how big or small, you will be instantly updating the look and feel of that room. The bright airy qualities that this product offers are immense, not only will it instantly modernise but it can also be used as a focal part of your room, perhaps turning the attention away from some less desirable areas of your room that are yet to be updated. Another additional benefit to white furniture is that the very essence of the products means that they are of a natural colouring, this should mean they should match nicely with most decors and won’t look too outlandish or overpowering in the home.

White Furniture Care Instructions

There are many different items and styles of white furniture available and so the required cleaning and care instructions can vastly vary. This is why we provide individual product specific guidelines with each of our white furniture products.