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Kid’s Bedding Guide from Dunelm Mill

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For many children, their bedroom is their own little private den filled with toys, games and usually a touch of mess! Children often take pride in their bedrooms and enjoy having friends over to play games in their rooms and show off the latest toys. This is why it’s important to invest in some bedding that is specifically design with kids in mind. From vibrantly coloured duvet sets to cartoon character bed linen, there is a whole host of choices available to help make your kids rooms as cosy and personalised as possible.

  1. Why choose kids bedding?
  2. Aspects to consider when purchasing kids bedding
  3. Kids Bedding Care Instructions
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Why choose kids bedding?

It can often be said that kids are able to use the same bedding as adults especially when they are old enough to sleep in a full sized single bed. Many people believe a plain duvet cover will suffice, however when it comes to keeping the kids happy and encouraging them to express their sense of style and individuality, the addition of a bedding set designed for kids is the perfect option. A pretty pink and lacey duvet set is the perfect option for a 'want to be' princess whilst a football inspired bed set may appeal to a young boy. Whatever their preference you’re sure to keep them happy with a wide range of kids bedding available at Dunelm Mill. These children’s bedding sets need not cost the earth either as they are often available at very reasonable prices. The quality of the bedding is also important as the cotton based bedding has the potential to last for many years, making it a worthwhile investment.

Aspects to consider when purchasing kids bedding

It is important to consider the size of bedding that is required for your child. If they are not yet using a full sized single bed then it is likely that their duvet cover and sheet will need to be smaller than the standard adult size. However, if they are using a single bed then a kids bedding set is the perfect investment. The size of bed means that they will be using this size of bedding for many years as it is not a bed that they will grow out of, this makes it a great investment for the future. There are many different bedding options available for children, all of which can be purchased in a single bed size.

The style of the kids bedding is perhaps the most important aspect to consider. There are many different designs on the market today, some are tailored towards young girls, some to young boys and some can be used for either. The colour, style and design that is chosen is often left up to the personal preference of the child. The option that they choose is important as this could be a bedding set that they keep for many years, consequently, it is important that it isn’t something that could date quickly or that they could come to dislike within a year. Often the best option is to go for colours and designs such as a floral pattern or football design instead of an animation of the latest craze of cartoon characters.

Complementary Products
There are many different complementary products available for kids bedding. Some popular examples include decorative pillows for the bed. These cushions are an ideal way to increase the comfort levels of the bedding whilst also adding a touch of sophistication to their rooms. The cushions can also be propped up against a walled side of the bed to help create additional sofa-like seating for when friends come over. It is also often possible to purchase matching or complementary kids curtains. These are a fabulous way of continuing their bedding theme throughout the room and can also act as a way to encourage kids to make their own bed and open their curtains in the morning, something that not every child deems to be a necessity.

Kids Bedding Care Instructions

Since the kids bedding collections encompass all manner of different products it is important to follow the individual product specific cleaning and care instructions that are accompanied with the product.