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Pine furniture is traditionally a quality and hard wearing material type. The sturdy composition of this wood is one of its key characteristics; however the look and style cannot be ignored. The smooth light brown colour of this wood helps to make it one of the most complementary furniture materials available on the market today. Pine wood is used in the composition of many different types of furniture and can be easily introduced into different rooms of the home, from the lounge to the bedroom and everywhere in-between.

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Types of pine furniture

As mentioned above there is a whole array of furniture types that are composed of pine wood. The range of pine furniture options available on the market today further emphasises the versatility of this material.

Pine Bed Frames
Bed frames are one of the most popular pine based furniture items available on the market today. The solid and sturdy properties of the material make them ideal for a bedstead. Purchasing a bed can often be considered to be a large and involved investment, consequently, it is important that you purchase a product that will last for many years to come. Mattresses on average are changed every 7-9 years, however, a solid and hardwearing pine bed frame could potentially outlast the mattress if properly cared for. Pine bed frames are often considered to be a great material type to purchase as the colour of the wood is relatively subtle whilst the material is still hardwearing – perfect attributes for a bed.

Pine Tables and Chairs
Every dining room must have a table and chairs, they are the true centrepiece of the room and so consequently it is important that they look their best. Quality, solid and attractive are all key characteristics of a pine table and chairs whilst also offering customers a slightly more economical option compared to that of an oak dining set. Whether you opt to use a table cloth to protect the wood or display the pine material in all it’s glory, you’re sure to benefit from the style and durability of the material.

Pine Sideboards
Pine sideboards are a product that has recently made a comeback and is now considered to be a relatively fashionable product. Stylish and practical sideboards are often found in the dining room or kitchen and used either as a fashionable addition to a room or as a useful storage solution. The pine material will mean that the furniture item won’t appear overly dominant in a room whilst also providing a sturdy and reliable place to keep valuable dining items such as china plates or your favourite tea set.

Pine Nest of Tables
A nest of tables is one of the most versatile and functional products available on the market today. Small and sleek these tables will subtly slot underneath each other and can be placed in a small area to the side of the sofa whilst not in use. The pine material will act as a sign of quality and durability whilst the subtle light brown colour will mean that the table set will match with most decors whether contemporary or traditional.

Pine furniture care instructions

Pine furniture is a high quality and durable product. Consequently, it is important that you treat and clean the material according the product specific cleaning instructions supplied with each of our pine furniture items.