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Purple toaster

Toast is a favourite staple food at the breakfast table.

Its reputation is gained from being so easy to prepare yet so versatile in what can be eaten with it or upon its surface. Our purple toasters provide an aesthetically pleasing design; with a deep and rich shade of purple it is sure to look great when sitting on your worktop.

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Ensure you have the perfect finish and not burn your toast with our accurate time setters, making the perfect morning or evening snack. With illuminating dials and controls on many of our purple toasters, you can possess a very clear and functional appliance that will create a design feature for your room in the process.

With many adjustable features on your purple toaster, you can reheat, defrost and cancel any process with ease, giving you maximum control over your toast. With handy removable crumb trays, you can keep your purple toaster hygienic and looking great without your worktop getting messy. Coordinate your appliances with our collections to match colours or contrast against each other to add a vibrant kitchen you will be proud of. Available to purchase online today, our purple microwaves will continue to make great toast and sit pretty in your kitchen for many years.

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