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Green curtains are available in a whole host of different shades, from a dark emerald shade, to a brighter lime colour, a muted olive or even a subtle jade. The tone of green used will depend on which room the curtains are destined for. Whether you have a wonderfully ornate and classically designed living room ideal for a richly coloured pair of emerald green curtains or a light and airy room that would benefit from a lovely strong yet subtle pair of olive drapes. Green can be used in so many different ways and can be as bold or subtle as desired.

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Types of green curtains

Green Eyelet Curtains
Green eyelet curtains are one of the most popular designs. This style of contemporary curtain is often used with a floral green pattern, thus helping to create a fashionable yet subtle pair of curtains whilst still incorporating an element of green into the window dressing. Eyelet curtains are a popular choice for young home owners or houses with a modern décor. The circular hoops that are attached to the top line of the curtain, slide easily along the pole making opening and closing the curtains a simple task.

Green Pencil Pleat Curtains
Dark green curtains have become very popular recently in a pencil pleat style. The pinched fabric at the top of the material is simply attached to the curtain track with a hook system thus helping to create a luxurious look of cascading fabric at your window. The pencil pleat style has been popular in homes for many years and is often considered to be one of the more traditionally styled curtain designs. However, the introduction of different colours such as jade green have allowed this style of curtain to have a new lease of life and can now be commonly found throughout many different homes in the UK whether contemporary or traditional.

Green Lined Curtains
The lining used on the green curtains is of great importance. The thickness and type of lining required for your curtain will very much depend on its use and the room for which it is destined. If you have young children that require a darkened room at different times of the day then perhaps a blackout lining might be the most suitable option. The thickness of the lining and light protecting qualities of the material mean that this curtain will help to protect your room from excess light rays shining into your home, thus allowing you to create a darkened and calming atmosphere for your children to drift serenely off to sleep. However, if you crave an extra layer of warmth at your windows during those cold winter months then a thermally insulated curtain may be the best option. The thickness of the lining means that it will not only protect against sunrays but also help to fight against any cold draughts that may seep through your window panes. This should hopefully lead to your room and home feeling warmer and so consequently, less need to rely on central heating. Many people also opt to team their green curtain with a subtle yet stylish blind. In this case the curtain is often used as a stylish addition and more of a fashion piece than a functional window dressing. Consequently an unlined green curtain may suffice as it will provide all of the style and colour expected from a curtain whilst working with the blind to protect from any additional sunrays that may seep into your home.

Benefits of green Curtains

Adding a pair of green curtains will allow you to introduce a splash of vibrant colour or subtle shade to your home without having to vastly alter your room. The style and colour of curtain chosen can vastly vary as there are a whole host of options available on the market.

Green curtain care instructions

Green curtains come in a whole host of different colours and styles and so the cleaning and care instructions can vastly vary. Consequnetly all of our pairs of curtains are accompanied by a set of product specific cleaning instructions to help keep your curtains looking their best for many years to come.